EXC Weigh-In Results

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7/25/08 6:05:51PM
The EliteXC weigh-ins for tomorrow night's event were completed a short time ago. Everyone made weight so the full 11 fight card is now official.

7/25/08 6:17:54PM
well looks like Thomas Denny is in a world of trouble now. Diaz by plumbers snake up the ass round 1.
7/25/08 6:19:45PM
i hope denny gets his A$$ kicked for all the crap hes talking... just wait till he thinks he can outstrike diaz, come on diaz outstriked lawler and gomi
7/25/08 7:06:05PM
DIAZ by pur annialation in the 1st round.. I hope he will be paid bac for all the crap talk with bruises and cuts..
7/25/08 7:17:14PM
Anyone got a vid link???
7/25/08 7:31:19PM
Diaz made weight
7/25/08 8:51:36PM
Wow, looks to be a great event.

Feijao, Bigfoot, Lawler/Smith, Diaz, Shields/Thompson

Very solid card. Not really a fan of Diaz but I do want to see him tear up Thomas Denny.
7/25/08 8:57:06PM
robbie look in shape like everytime
7/26/08 1:55:20AM
is that ChuteBoxe chick pretty tough? I'm looking forward to her fight.

Diaz looked to be in good shape this time around.
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