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7/27/08 12:41:17PM
KJ Noons vs Jamie Varner
Nick Diaz vs Rob McCollough
Yves Edwards vs Richard Crunkliton Jr.

Jake Shields vs Carlos Condit
Nick Thompson vs Brock Larson
Drew Fickett vs John Alessio

Robbie Lawler vs Paulo Filho
Murilo Rua vs Chael Sonnen
Frank Shamrock vs Bryan Baker

Whats is everyone oppinion on who would win between these higher profile fights between the two organizations?

I think Elite XC has the overall higher skilled fighters in these divisions but WEC clearly has more depth at these weights.
7/27/08 1:09:59PM

KJ Noons vs Jamie Varner - Varner by submission or TKO due to strikes on the ground. Noons has never fought anyone with Varner's complete skillset. Varner has the boxing to hang on the feet and the wrestling to get in close and secure the takedown. It's only a matter of time until someone gets KJ to the ground and exposes him.

Nick Diaz vs Rob McCollough- McCollough will probably beat up Diaz on the feet for a little bit, but the patient Diaz will eventually start picking him apart and probably score the KO. McCollough has great standup, but Diaz's unorthodox boxing seems to get the better of strikers eventually and his ground game isn't likely to be threatened by McCollough. Rd. 3 TKO for Diaz.

Yves Edwards vs Richard Crunkliton Jr.- Yves Edwards takes this one any way I can think of

Jake Shields vs Carlos Condit- Shields solidified last night that he's the real deal IMO.

Nick Thompson vs Brock Larson- I don't see this fight happening because they train at the same school, BUT... Brock Larson would probably take this one via decision.

Drew Fickett vs John Alessio- Fickett is seriously underrated IMO. I think he takes it to Alessio for a late submission via RNC. Fickett will bring it with anger every time he steps in there and push the pace

Robbie Lawler vs Paulo Filho- Hard to gauge this one IMO. Lawler is one of those guys I can never count out of a fight because his punching power is so dead serious. Then again, Filho's subs can come out of nowhere. Still, with the wrestling pedigree and the power on the feet I might have to give it to Lawler simply because he could dictate where the fight goes, and while it's on the feet I think there's no comparison.

Murilo Rua vs Chael Sonnen- This would be a great fight. Chael's impressive, but Murilo would probably get the better on the feet. I'm thinking split decision victory here that could go either way.

Frank Shamrock vs Bryan Baker- Shamrock all the way. 100% domination. He'd probably draw it out and go for the GnP TKO in the 2nd.
7/27/08 1:20:02PM
my picks:

KJ Noons vs Jamie Varner- Varner KO rd. 1
Nick Diaz vs Rob McCollough- Diaz TKO rd. 2
Yves Edwards vs Richard Crunkliton Jr.-Edwards UD

Jake Shields vs Carlos Condit-Condit SUB rd. 4
Nick Thompson vs Brock Larson-Draw
Drew Fickett vs John Alessio-Fickett UD

Robbie Lawler vs Paulo Filho-Lawler KO rd.2
Murilo Rua vs Chael Sonnen-Sonnen UD
Frank Shamrock vs Bryan Baker-Shamrock SUB rd. 3
7/27/08 1:38:55PM
I would love to see Jake Shields vs. Carlos Condit. It's hard to tell where either one of them stands overall with the lack of top 10 competition. I think it would clear up where they are both at right now.
7/27/08 2:36:53PM
Wow, Zuffa should test co-promoting events with the WEC. All of those are good, interesting match-ups.
7/27/08 2:59:10PM

Posted by xposipx

Wow, Zuffa should test co-promoting events with the WEC. All of those are good, interesting match-ups.

You know- that idea isn't half bad. I doubt Zuffa would go for it, but it's not a bad idea.
7/27/08 5:30:06PM
KJ vs Jamie--------Jamie
Nick Diaz vs Rob McCollough-------I always pick diaz
Yves Edwards vs Richard Crunkliton Jr.---------yyves

Jake Shields vs Carlos Condit-----Shields i think already beat condit
Nick Thompson vs Brock Larson-----brock is a beast
Drew Fickett vs John Alessio--------alessio, because fickett isnt in elitexc

Robbie Lawler vs Paulo Filho----lawler
Murilo Rua vs Chael Sonnen----sonnen even though i dont like the guy
Frank Shamrock vs Bryan Baker-------shammy exp alone.

My votes at 5 vs 4 XC, but i think WEC is coming along fast and doing much better, putting on great cards and fights.
7/27/08 5:38:55PM


7/27/08 6:20:37PM

KJ Noons vs Jamie Varner////////Varner by tko or sub

Nick Diaz vs Rob McCollough//////Diaz by demolition

Yves Edwards vs Richard Crunkliton Jr./////////Crunkilton?????

Jake Shields vs Carlos Condit////////They have faught before(i think) Shields sub

Nick Thompson vs Brock Larson////////i like larson on this one by boring dec

Drew Fickett vs John Alessio///////fickett tko round 2 or 3

Robbie Lawler vs Paulo Filho///////Robbie by murder or by murder

Murilo Rua vs Chael Sonnen//////Rua tko round 2

Frank Shamrock vs Bryan Baker///////i think i dont need to make a predition
7/27/08 8:05:56PM
I dont think this is a real fair matchup. UFC needs to scrap WEC's WW division and anything above it. The show is good for its lower weight classes
7/27/08 11:37:13PM
KJ Noons
Nick Diaz
YVes Edwards
Jake Sheilds
Nick Thompson
Drew Ficket
Murilio Rua
Frank Shamrock
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