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POLL: Best Underdog odds?
James Thompson 36% (8)
Kaitlin Young 9% (2)
Jon Murphy 5% (1)
Scott Smith 14% (3)
Carlos Moreno 0% (0)
Joey Villasenor 36% (8)
5/27/08 1:03:24AM
These are the Bodog lines which were made available today.

-450 Gina Carano
+300 Kaitlin Young

-125 Phil Baroni
-105 Joey Villasenor

-240 Brett Rogers
+190 Jon Murphy

-170 Carlton Haselrig
+140 Carlos Moreno

-600 Kimbo Slice
+400 James Thompson

-220 Robbie Lawler
+180 Scott Smith
5/27/08 2:37:06AM
JT hands down
5/27/08 12:00:17PM
i vote JT, only IF he tries to take Kimbo down does he have a shot at winning this thing
5/29/08 2:16:14PM
New lines up for JT/Kimbo

+135 match makes it past 1:30
+175 match makes it past 2:30
+325 match makes it to start of Round 2

My referral number is P1006F6C if anyone chooses to open up a Bodog account.
5/29/08 2:52:42PM
Joey Villasenor

the fact that hes even with baroni is cooky
5/29/08 2:56:17PM
i'm actually starting to get scared for the JT fight. it is really a toss up...but i believe it is dead even so i will go with the guy who has the favorable odds.
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