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3/8/09 8:33:15PM
UFC 96 proved to me that American wreslting matched with Boxing/Muai thai is a very legit way to win fights....and I LOVE IT!! I was a wrestler in HS and did a bit of freestyle afterwards. I mean look at last nights fights. Hammil used his skills to stay standing and KO Munoz. Maynards boxing looks great. He dominated. Carwin.....well thats all i have to say. And Page used his wrestling in reverse to UD Jardine. maybe you guys arent as pumped as I am. But I hope this really jumpstarts wrestling programs around the country. For all ages groups. Little kids through the college ranks.
3/9/09 2:32:40PM
Is this really news? The UFC HW division in paricular has been dominated by wrestlers since the mid 90s.

Guys like Munoz or Karem Gaber have shown that no matter what your wrestling pedigree is, you're not guaranteed to be a good MMA fighter, which is probably tougher for some people to swallow than the fact that guys with wrestling backgrounds can be successful.
3/9/09 3:46:29PM
Sure it's a great combination, but so is anything with wrestling because you can dictate where the fight goes.
3/9/09 3:52:11PM
the worst kept secret in mma is that wrestling is the best base for an mma fighter, i dont see that changing anytime soon.
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