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3/6/12 10:55:28PM
Hello everyone,

I just started writing a series of posts on my blog on the evolution of GSP's single leg takedown. In this first part, I explained and describe with great detail how GSP effectively takes down every opponent he faces. Also, in this post I start with his first mma fight against Ivan Menjivar in the UCC all the way to his UFC debut against Karo Parysian

The Evolution of GSP's Single Leg Takedown

Let me know what you guys think, also I plan to write also a series of posts on GSP's double leg takedown, and how GSP sets ups his takedowns.
3/7/12 12:06:06AM
Good shit bro.
3/7/12 1:55:31AM
notice too how in GSP's early fights, he was trying to take down people while on both of his knees. i wrestled for nearly ten years and i can tell you that since day one every wrestler was tought never let both your knees be on the ground at the same time while attempting a takedown, you cannot drive into your opponent while on both knees. when GSP's take downs were either getting stuffed or taking him 8-10 seconds to finish, multiple times he had both knees down. now days he has corrected that problem and we never see both knees down at the same time. im sure he has some olympic and/or div. 1 wrestlers in his camps that have helped hone these skills and fix the bad technique. great job. very interesting read. i like how you broke down each fight and the progression of his takedowns.
3/15/12 7:28:20PM
Looks like a solid read
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