What is everyones favorite fighting ring/cage for MMA?

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POLL: Favorite ring/cage for MMA fighting
hect/octo- cage 73% (11)
circular EXC cage 20% (3)
Moded boxing ring 0% (0)
hecto/octo- ring 7% (1)
mat/dojo/other 0% (0)
want something new 0% (0)
6/26/08 1:57:35AM
I've seen a lot of different fighting rings. The square cage (which won't be on the poll lol) all the different cage- gons, the circular cage, the modified boxing ring, and different variations of the ring.

Personally my favorite is the round cage. I like it a lot because it has no corners and looks cool

Also I like the hecto and octo rings. I think it's as close as practically possible to a true MMA fighting surface. It doesn't favor strikers because there aren't deep corners and doesn't favor wrestlers like all the cages.
edit- also for those of you that have seen the Pele Chuck fight I really liked the bottom rope catcher so they couldn't slide out. The only thing I would change is that no strikes could be thrown from outside the ropes like when Chuck pinned his head and nailed him for 6 minutes straight.

I think the least practical but most true to the sport would be a big ass piece of circular canvas that would be really big, like 60 by 60 and have no walls or anything to put anyone against and that would be better. there would be a warning area that you couldn't pass or would be recentered.

What does everyone think? What's your favorite ring/cage? Do you prefer what is exciting or what is closer to the heart of MMA?
6/26/08 8:24:10AM
i like the circle cage because fighters cant get cornered and they cant fall out of the fighting area
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