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8/16/13 8:53:32AM
This dude is one of my buddies from back in the day. We don't see much of each other anymore but we do talk on FB a good bit. He writes some of the most pertinacious shit. Then he ball babies about missing his kids all the time which I get. but what he does is boasts about his medals he earned in Iraq. Again I get it he earned them he should be proud, hell im proud of him. He just seems like the only guy I know that mentions it everyday. Here is a copy of a rant he had today about all of the above. I guess Im only sharing this cause i'm board and feel like shit talking to ppl he doesn't know. LOL I know Im no better.

screen shot is too large here is what he posted:

im gonna say this then im done with it ......i got some flack last night from a few of you last night about shit on here.....calling me a whiner and shit....yes you are right i miss my kids and im going to whine about that because they are my heart........No i can't just move out of my house, quit my job and school , leave my pregnant gf and move to Georgia which has been a solution by some of you to me. i got some shit going on right now in my life im dealing with and to be honest maybe i need some encouragment and my friends close ones know what i'm talking about but the last thing i need is a bunch of someones shit.......a whiner? pussy? thats fine cause guess what douche bags i got a whole lot of medals hanging off of my chest that would like to argue that point. last time if you dont like my posts if you think i post to much DELETE ME its FB im not going to get upset. im sure next theres going to be more smart ass comments to this post my point is and im not bringing this up again is if were friends act like it......i'm loyal to the teeth to some of you try returning that same respect.
8/16/13 10:28:46AM
Ive deleted family members for less than that. Let him know you deleted him and why and then drop him
8/16/13 10:58:51AM
I block people like that. Facebook is for my own enjoyment, talking to or hearing from family, people and entities that I like or interest me. If all your old bud has to offer your FB experience is garbage like that multiple times a day, it is past time to remove him from it.
8/16/13 11:05:29AM
Yeah I might have to block him from my news feed. At least Im not alone. I hate to rag on a VET but pull the tampon out bro.
8/16/13 11:46:40AM
Bringing up the medals is just a way to deal with his own insecurity and his gambit any time someone speaks up. My best friend basically gave me a share of his medals for the hell of it. When he gets ragged on he never brings up protecting freedom, serving in Iraq, the shrapnel still in his shoulder, or the mental or emotional demons that followed him from Iraq.
As for facebook, I have had to delete/block people but at the same time, I have some that I keep active so I can see their statuses and think 'wow you blow, why are you bragging that you walked 2 miles in 25 minutes'.
8/16/13 11:58:06AM
Yeah Ive deleted annoyinh people as well.

All I post really are lyrics to songs.
8/16/13 12:50:00PM
In my opinion, concerning his military service, he either saw no combat at all or didn't deal well with what he did see...either way he is having a tough time dealing with his time in Iraq. The only reason I say this is because of my experiences both in combat and leading while in combat. It is something we are trained to look out for and I don't know, obviously, but he may need help. Block him if you need to but see if you can convince him to seek help if he needs it. Take care of him for us please.
8/16/13 2:07:57PM
Reason I don't do facebook.

The metal thing may just be the only thing he is proud of or worth living for.

His life is spiraling down. He is asking for help.
I think we all have hit rock bottom at one point in our lives
8/16/13 2:50:52PM
I don't delete people like that, I just take them off my news feed
8/16/13 3:12:44PM
Thanks for the input guys
8/16/13 4:36:21PM
Complete D-Bag. A post like that deserves the loss of a lot of friends. I hope you end up responding to his post by telling him he's a gigantic Dbag and no one cares about his problems. If he missed his kids so much he'd do something about it.
8/16/13 4:46:20PM
Having Medals and whatever doesn't not make you a whiny vagina.

I don't get why people put their BS out in public like that......I mean do you really starve for attention....I seen a post from a woman a few weeks ago Asking people on FB about her baby's poop being green.........I wanted to say ....instead of asking ppl on FB why not TAKE YOUR FUCKING KID TO THE HOSPITAL........LOGIC is gone anymore.
8/16/13 6:33:52PM
You're not wrong. If someone annoys you then it would be cruel to expect you to read they're every single thought of every single day. I have my mom and two older brothers hidden from my newsfeed. All three are political crazies and I just don't care to read it day after day.
8/16/13 7:39:24PM

Ive deleted family members for less than that. Let him know you deleted him and why and then drop him

Shawn, your funny. You talk about deleting people for less then this? But you post on here (off topic) about a co-worker asking to use a some frozen food of yours to help him out? So you can whine and others cant? Hmmmmmmm
8/16/13 9:46:21PM

Posted by Shawn91111

Ive deleted family members for less than that. Let him know you deleted him and why and then drop him

Same here.

IMO that's not what Facebook's for, but everyone seems to have a different opinion on that.

...and yes, I'd be tired as fuck of hearing someone brag about medals like that.
8/16/13 9:54:53PM
I don't use my Facebook anymore basically because of people like that. My biggest pet peeve is when someone posts a status about a personal issue between them and another person, making it completely public. I see statuses from annoying people all the time that look something like this:

"LOL you act like you "cherish" friendship. yet all you do is open your mouth and talk shit about your friends. see how long people will stand by your side. not only are you cut forever, you better hope i never see your face again. bye bitch"

I picked a person I knew wrote annoying statuses like that all the time and scrolled down a few days and found that one. Why do people feel the need to air their dirty laundry to everyone they know on the internet?
8/16/13 10:13:12PM
Because, unfortunately, people are immature (and stupid) as fuck.
8/17/13 12:45:28PM
As much as I think your friends doing his fair share of attention seeking..

If you don't want to hear about people's social lives...
Then you shouldn't go on a website designed specifically for people to talk about there social lives.

Heck facebooks even enabled you to remove people from your feed so you don't have to delete them anymore...
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