Everlast to start MMA equipment line in September

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6/9/08 5:09:56PM
Everlast is best known as a century-old boxing gear and equipment company. However, in recent months, the company has ventured into MMA, signing a deal with Randy Couture's Xtreme Couture gym to be their exclusive apparel and equipment sponsor.

Now, in an interview with Brandweek.com, Everlast President Adam Geisler says the company will be coming out with a retail MMA equipment line this september.

Geisler explains why in the interview:

"Everlast is the exclusive apparel and equipment sponsor of Randy's Xtreme Couture Gyms. In September we will launch Everlast's MMA equipment line at retail. We are doing a photo shoot with him [this week] for a print campaign that will run in men's and sports magazines. Randy has left UFC and Mark Cuban's HDNet Fights is trying to set up a match between him and [MMA world-class heavyweight] Fedor Emelianenko. If they fight on pay-per-view it could generate [incredible] numbers. Our brand is strong with consumers 30 and older. With Randy and MMA, we will attract 16-22-year olds, a demo we have had trouble attracting. So the opportunity to speak to these younger consumers is key for us. It's a major opportunity to grow our business."

6/9/08 5:13:25PM
Cool, maybe I can afford those gloves I have always wanted.
6/9/08 5:20:35PM
6/9/08 5:24:45PM
This is good for the sport. Big Time.
6/9/08 5:39:33PM
I already have a pair of Everlast MMA gloves.. quite nice too.. comfortable.. good wrist support...
6/10/08 2:23:28AM
This is great, its good to see them finally coming around. I'm interested to see the ads with Couture as well.
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