20 UFC events this year! not bad

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POLL: Will 2009 be the best year in MMA so far?
i doubt it! its been pretty awesome these last few years 4% (1)
It better be or else i'm going on a murderous rampage!! but ill blame it all on GTA 4 22% (6)
Yes and so's your mum 52% (14)
How would i know? i just work here 15% (4)
sometime i cut myself 7% (2)
12/23/08 10:17:40AM
list of UFC events

UFC 78 was the 100th UFC event if u count every UFC card

From 2005-2008 there was 67 UFC events that's just more then the 65 UFC events there were from the first UFC in 1993 to the last UFC in 2004 pretty amazing how much this sport has grown.
12/23/08 11:07:29AM
Wow...who ever would have known that Birmingham was tied for third most UFC events held?
12/23/08 2:13:54PM
yeah i think 2009 will be good but the best yet im not sure. but its funny to think of the growth especialy in the last three years
12/23/08 2:30:17PM
dunno I'm hoping so though
12/24/08 5:03:14PM
I had to pic 3 just on principal,
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