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10/25/10 11:11:45PM
Anyone bothered to check out UFC events at their local theatre yet? I just had my first theatre event this past weekend for Lesnar .vs. Brock, and I have to say that I enjoyed it. This was the first event held in our area at the theatre so it wasn't well advertised. Here is my opinion on my expeirence. At the end of each paragraph I'll place 1-5 stars depending on my opinion of the quality. (1 star being the worst and 5 being the best)

Advertisement: We wouldn't have known about the theatre event if it wasn't for the official UFC site. I happened to be watching some of the interviews on the site and noticed a small advertisment about UFC 121 being in select theatres. I clicked on the ad and was surprised to see one of our areas' major theatres hosting the event. Called up some buddies and asked if they had known about, and they said no. Me and four others ended up going. I think they need more advertisement on this. (*)

Cost: The event was more expensive than a regular movie ticket, as to be expected. $15 to be exact. Usually I visit the local sports bar and grab something to eat and watch the fights which costs me around $12, so I didn't really mind handing over the few extra bucks, I figured it was worth just trying it out. Anything beats paying $60 at home. Besides the price, there wasn't really anything different from buying a regular movie ticket. Purchase your ticket, let one of the employees rip your ticket, and move on to the theatre. Oh, and they also checked my ID. I didn't ask what the age limit was. (***)

Security: They did have a more careful eye on the entrance to this theatre room. I really appreciated this. I don't want kids purchasing "Twilight" tickets and sneaking in to the UFC event and disrupting my enjoyment, considering I just paid $15 for my ticket. Upon entering, they once again checked your ticket. (*****)

Employee Quality: They had one of the theatre managers sit in for the "special" event, which I thought was very helpful. We were one of the first groups to enter the theatre, and he walked us in upon entrance. He was very nice, and mentioned that he was one of the few in charge of each special event, and that he was there to make sure our expeirence was the best possible. He had a cell phone, and before the event we could constantly hear him checking on the picture and sound, making sure everything was ready for the event. He did his job well. (*****)

Theatre Quality: Considering this was the first UFC event they held in theatres at our area, there were only about 20-30 people there. The event wasn't well advertised, so I expect more will come to future events as word gets out. The manager in charge of the event mentioned to us that high rate PPV boxing events sometimes caused them to open up 2-3 theatres at once to fit everyone, and he expects the UFC events will do the same as word gets out. As for seats in the theatre, we had more than enough. The theatre we were in is huge, and more than enough room for fans to sit comfortably and enjoy the fights. The theatre was very clean too, even more so than when the theatre is showing regualr movies. (*****)

Pre-Fight Quality: I was very grateful for this. They didn't just make you sit in an empty theatre with boring credits and commercials like they do during regular movies. They were showing the fight countdown, Primetime, and highlights of each fighter. Much more entertaining to me. Especially if you don't want to sit next to your friend and listen to him ramble about his girlfriend cheating on him, or how the champion will destroy the contender in under a minute (hahahaha!). (*****)

Event Viewing Quality: This was great. I didn't hear anyone complaining about the viewing quality. The screen was huge, of course, and the sound was loud enough to be heard over fight chats but not loud enough to where you were in discomfort. I honestly liked this more than when I'm at the local sports bar. Not only did I see the fights in clear view, but I was also able to easily point out small detail in fighter entrances and celebrity fighters in the audience. At the sports bar, sometimes the tvs will be on a different sport, or too far away to see clearly, the theatre setting clears that right up. Same goes for the sound, in the sports bar I never hear the commentary during the fights, but that was no problem this time around. (*****)

The Extras: This might not happen at every event or theatre. But outside the theatre UFC Middleweight fighter Alan "The Talent" Belcher had a booth set up for him and his training camp, signing posters and giving out gifts. But, this might not happen everywhere. I live in Mississippi where Alan Belcher lives, and the city we were in happens to very close to his Remix MMA gym. It was cool finally getting a chance to meet and talk with him. Don't get much chance because he likes to visit and train in Thailand. I like that the theatre allowed him permission to do this. (*****)

All in all, I very much enjoyed my expeirence with this event. Check out your local theatres and see if they have anything set up.
10/25/10 11:29:15PM
Two reasons why I won't go to the theatres

One my friends are cheap ******* I always pay for the event

And two I drink a lot when I watch them
10/26/10 2:50:53AM
I have been wanting to check one out but havent had the chance as of yet. BTW - How was that "Lesner vs Brock" fight?
10/26/10 4:31:59AM
Haha. Whoops. Typing too fast for my own good. I need to start correcting my posts.
10/26/10 8:16:26AM
I've thought about it as well just because a ticket would be at least $20 cheaper than ordering the PPV, but I'd probably have to drive at least 30 miles to see it (the closest theater to me is only about 3 miles away, but usually doesn't do these events). Then throw in concessions and gas and I'm not really doing any better than buying the Yahoo Sports stream on my PC.
10/26/10 8:21:21AM
I'm secretly hoping the soon-to-be local IMAX broadcasts a UFC event sometime in the near future. I've had great experiences in the past with concert simulcasts so I'd expect much of the same when it comes to the UFC.
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