What events included in Season Three?

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6/20/08 3:22:27PM
Right now on my fight camp page, it looks like there are 11 events for this current season, which is strange because it is usually only 10.

Plus, the Ultimate Fight Night on July 19th is not included, but UFC 87 in early August is.

If the site keeps to the 10-event model, the last event should be UFC 86 on July 5th, then the new season starts with UFN 14 and UFC 87.

Anyone know what's up?
6/20/08 4:34:44PM
the last event of the season is UFC 86.

a season is 10 events that's all.

6/21/08 1:10:43AM
Are you sure? Are you making that up? I'm not dissing you, these are honest questions. If the season is 10 events, then I would think the displays would show that. I don't post much on the forums here so I don't know what consists of an admin or a mod.
6/22/08 9:06:34AM
So we don't know?
6/22/08 10:19:47AM

Posted by Brick

So we don't know?

Yes, we know it's 10 events that make up a season.

Taken from "Website Rules" near the top of the page...

"Season: A "season" here on MMAPlayground.com consists of 10 major "events". This should equate to roughly 3 seasons per year."

Here's a
LINK to the Website Rules so you can read them all.

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