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POLL: Where would you like to see events held?
Cut a deal with the new Cowboy Stadium? 0% (0)
Outdoor events like Bodog used to do (Costa Rica) 13% (1)
Have ONE UFC stadium in New York 4 all the fights 0% (0)
In other county's with different rings/Cages etc. 25% (2)
In a Football Stadium on flat surface with mats 0% (0)
Restore the colosseum in Italy OR build 1 like it 63% (5)
2/16/10 8:34:49PM
Cowboy Stadium would be SICK - 110,000 fans can be packed into that place, MAYBE MORE for an MMA event.

I like the bodog events in Costa Rica during the day time on the beach, the costa rican models were nice to look at too

I like the Idea of havin an OFFICIAL UFC stadium like other sports teams have.

I think that each country should have there own trademark ring/cage, i.e. U.S. - The Octagon, Japan - Ring.......etc.

I like the idea of having events in football or baseball stadiums outdoor on grass(flat Surface) with the mats. Takedowns have to be inside the mat, if you go outside the mat then stand em back up. This will bring more excitement to the fight than just watchin the lay n prayers.

How cool would it be to restore the Colosseum in italy which would NEVER happen but how bout build a replica of it for MMA fights, have the whole floor covererd in canvas instead of dirt like they used to have it and have NO BOUNDARIES, whatever the size of it was back then, then thats just all covered in canvas, you get points taken away for running away or stalling time by backing up.

What do you guys think?

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2/16/10 8:36:20PM
The Colosseum and bodog Costa Rica Events
2/19/10 5:02:34PM
my choice is a combo of both outdoor and Coliseum... Although its not finished yet Caesar's Palace, Las Vegas, is working on remodeling its outdoor arena "The Coliseum"

It will be awesome to have fights there again and then maybe we could have another crazy parachuter come flyin in...

What the F%*#???

If you havent seen it before. skip to 3:35 to see a better view of the incident.

Edit: Ha I need to learn how to spell Colosseum
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