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2/7/09 4:22:55PM
I got tickets to UFC 95 for my birthday
& i want to know what a live event is like and what is expected?

Whos here been to a live event? if you have which one?

Anyone going or looking forwards to UFC 95?
2/7/09 4:36:04PM
im looking forward to ufc 95 because of diego vs stevenson, maia vs chael, and dos santos vs stuve
2/7/09 5:00:34PM

Posted by Supersoph199

I got tickets to UFC 95 for my birthday
& i want to know what a live event is like and what is expected?

Whos here been to a live event? if you have which one?

Anyone going or looking forwards to UFC 95?

I went to UFC 75 and UFC 85 and both were amazing to see first hand!

Expect a lot of noise and a lot of crazy, drunk MMA fans (plus a few uneducated fools who boo everytime a fight goes to ground)

The production is excellent and everything runs like clockwork, so sit back and relax and enjoy your birthday

EDIT: Both times i've been, preliminary fights have started at 5:30 prompt, so make sure you are seated by then if you don't wanna miss anything
2/7/09 5:12:51PM
And get there 3 hours early so you can see the prelims.
2/7/09 5:34:13PM
Bring a lot of $ so you can get in to the afterparties.
2/7/09 6:25:00PM
I went to UFC 93 and it was incredible!!
Get there early so you can look around at all the merchandise and stuff for sale and you should definately get in for the first undercard fight.
I don't really understand why some people just come for the main card.If I pay for a ticket I want to see all the fights inc. the undercard.
For UFC 93 the arena was 90% full before the first fight,and barely an empty seat by the 2nd or 3rd.
2/7/09 7:00:53PM
Thanks for the comments

I was wondering when it said the event started at 4:30 when its live on tv at 8 - 9pm but then i understood prelims.

Do you have to pay fto get in the afterparties?
Now i wouldnt mind getting into an afterpary. Seen as though i got the tickets for my 18th i can legally go out and get into clubs.

I was wondering this is for those who have been to a live event, seen as though i dont know where im sat right now is the whole experience great no matter where your sat?
& is merchandise dear?

Also wouldnt mind seeing some fighters ha
2/8/09 10:28:31AM
I went to UFN 13 in Denver and 87 in MLPS. I had great seats at UFN 13. If you have floor seats there are constantly UFC stars walking in and out sighning and taking pics. Nick Diaz spent like 2 hrs talking to fans.
My only advise is get there early. And if you want to see fighters stay by the fighter entrances because weather ther fighting or just watching thats where all the big names enter.Have a good time make the most of it.
2/8/09 11:34:10AM
so did you meet nick diaz then? that would be cool

Thanks for the advice dude.
2/8/09 1:57:48PM
Although I haven't been to UFC before, I can offer some tips based on when I went to my first live MMA event last October:
If you want to meet fighters at the event, your best bet is to shell out big bucks for VIP seats or those in the front row. That's almost always where the fighters in attendance but not fighting sit. There are usually opportunities before the weigh-ins but you need to be a UFC Fight Club member (not free).

Prelims generally start 2-2 1/2 hours before the main card. So for 95, I'd try and be in my seat by 5:30 PM.

For after-parties, you probably need to pay at least a cover charge for the bar in addition to perhaps any other costs. Usually posters for these will start showing up on MMA news sites a couple days in advance with all the contract info.

I had nosebleed seats (Ticketmaster said floor seats but I didn't know that wasn't the case) but was looking straight down at where the fighters made their entrances and still had a good view of the cage. There usually are huge screens on all 4 sides of the cage that also broadcast the action as it happens. For me I was in a small arena (6000 capacity or so) so no biggie.
2/11/09 3:40:24PM
Cheers DC

I just want to know, does it matter where you sit?
Because i found out im right at the top

2/11/09 3:51:05PM

Posted by Supersoph199

Cheers DC

I just want to know, does it matter where you sit?
Because i found out im right at the top

Depends how big the arena is really, ive never been to the 02 so I couldnt really say, but I had the second cheapest ticket for the event in Newcastle and it was an awesome view. Id paid £100 for my ticket, and the guys on the row infront of me (Colin Robinsons family, apparently) had all paid £200. But the Metro Arena only holds like 9000 people so even the people in the cheap seats had an awesome view. I mean, if your sitting high up, if nothing else, you'll have a good view into the octagon and it wont be blocked by the cage.

I went by myself since none of my friends are into mma, and it was still one of my favourite experiences. The atmosphere makes it so much better than watching at home!
2/11/09 4:15:11PM
Thanks Aaronno9, really apperiate it

Im sure no matter where someone is sat it will be an amazing experience
Its just i have high expectations for this seen as though its my first live event and ive been waiting years

But on the night ill probably just get into and not give a **** where im sat
2/11/09 11:06:00PM
I HAVE BEEN TO 5 ufc events 6 if you inculde this march jardine vs rampage

each one is different, go to the wegh ins and auto graph sessions you will meet fighters, get tickets to floor is best way to meet them

bring alot of money for t shirts and programs

but they are way fun the last one was ufc 92 best one yet i have to say ufc 86 was my worst so far ufc 79 was also good i went to ufc 90 bad one first one was ufc 76 lidell vs jardine i do think ufc 96 will be my worst
2/12/09 1:55:25PM
I went to Cote vs Silva in Chicago. The main event was disappointing but everything else was awesome. There isn't a bad seat in the house, there are fighters all over. I ran into matt hughes and robbie lawler in the parking lot. I've also been to IFL and XFO events and its really cool to meet all the fighters. Most are really cool guys. Rich Franklin asked me if I wanted him to sign my nipple.
2/13/09 12:20:31PM
Thanks prozacnation1978 and bjj1605 for telling me about the ufc events you have atteneded

Is it wise to get there early??
Early enough to roam the place

I hope im not sat near any uneducated fans who just boo for anything
If i am ill have my own little fight up there!

Anyone know who to get details about the after parties and all that jazz
2/13/09 12:45:50PM
I went to 87 in Minneapolis at the Target Center and it was honestly the best crowd I have ever seen, hardly any boos and everyone was amped for Brock and GSP. I was rooting against Brock and wanted GSP to finish the fight early but overall it was a great experience and I would definatly go to every single one if I had the time. Its awesome to watch the events in HD on the LCD but nothings better than going there, and if you havnt ever gone to one you have to experience it at least once. I didnt even care that I had a mid-bleacher seat it was awesome, a Pride event is what I always wanted to see and now Dream is the new Pride so I'll have to go out to Japan on vacation and see an event someday.
2/13/09 7:40:13PM
I went to UFC 84 in Vegas and it was probably the best experience I have ever had at a sports event in my life. I can't tell you how right some of the posters before me are about getting there early. I ended up getting into the arena really early and I'm glad I did b/c they actually started the first fight (Carwin vs. Wellisch) 20 mins early. 90% of the paid attendance probably missed that fight. So get there early, go to the weigh ins, and have fun.
2/27/09 4:19:27AM
Thanks everyone for commenting with advice and talking about your live event experiences

It was the most awesome event i have ever been too.
Great fights and great KOs.
(Also got to see Rampage raving and giving the Octogen girls a dance)

Nxt time its in the UK im definatly going. After a live event you cant go back to watching it on setanta. It doesnt feel the same.

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