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7/9/08 1:49:44AM
Do you think that the UFC is over doing it by advertising 4+ events at once, with events more than 3 months away starting to be hyped already?

In my opinion..

Pro - creates a buzz early and gives you something to look foward too, allowing you to make speculations of the fights to come and the future fight possibilties.

Con - the fight card is never complete.. sometimes only the main bout is listed and changes to the card happen often. It also takes away from the most current UFC, drawing the fans attention away onto another event.

What do you guys think?
7/9/08 2:03:25AM
idk it seems kinda silly for them to do that.

i think that the UFC should just post up 1 or 2 and advertise the crap out of them.
7/9/08 4:15:29AM
i don't mind them announcing a few marquee fights early on as that adds to the top tier speculation and gets the fans talking.
their current event model is fine by me as they have appropriately increased the ratio of quality to meet quantity
a few years ago every undercard fight was two people making their ufc debut
these days the undercards are just as exciting (if not more so in hindsight) as the main card
7/9/08 12:23:31PM
they should focus one one event at a time, but also if tickets go on sale the following week make a couple annoucements but don't just have one fight like the main event you need a couple fights done by then for the event
7/9/08 5:28:52PM
I think they figure that since people are gonna know whose fighting at those events anyway through the internet and what not that they my as well announce it and get the press.
7/9/08 5:45:08PM
Most sports announce their whole season at once. I don't think it's in any way a bad thing. We're always wondering when so and so will fight or when will a belt be defended, why shouldn't we know?
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