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7/5/10 1:36:22PM
ChampionsWay is doing it again… The Cway that is. The second CWAY will be taking place in South Beach, Miami on October 15th and 16th. The first Cway gathered reputable martial arts school owners throughout North America in one place to provide tried and true methods of successfully managing a martial arts business. Combined with the technologically savvy team of ChampionsWay hosts, the first ever Cway Anaheim left attendees with a precise, thorough plan to grow their schools. But the Cway Anaheim is now old news…

The Cway Miami Beach will wow you with even more stunning technology and greater school management methods. You’ve been to countless seminars, you’ve left confused and wished your money, more importantly, your time could be refunded. Not with the Cway – This event will provide you with thorough, documented, scheduled information. You’ll return to your school with an action plan and be ready to produce results.

The first 50 tickets will be released to ChampionsWay clients only for $99 and non clients for $129. Tickets will be regularly priced at $249.

For more information or purchase your ticket , visit :
7/5/10 2:54:29PM
Sounds great, were do I sign up?

Ban hammer anyone?
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