What event are you looking fowardto the most?

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POLL: What event are you looking foward too?
UFC 74 Respect- GG vs Couture 25% (9)
UFC 75 Champ vs Champ- Henderson vs Jackson 44% (16)
Fight night 11- Ken flo vs Din Thomas 3% (1)
UFC 76 Knockout- Griffin vs Shotgun 14% (5)
UFC Hostile Territory- Silva vs Franklin 14% (5)
8/24/07 1:49:34AM
So with so many events coming up in the ufc what are you guys look foward too.

I like 75 and 77, along with fight night 11.

UFC 75 has that Unification bout, another mirco fight, and hamil and bispring.

Fight night 11 is prob my vote as it has Maynard fighting since the TUF finale. Hes one of my favorite fighters and I cant wait to watch his career. Nick Diaz is fighting as well along with Cole Miller. I use to enjoy watching Chris Leben but ever since his fight with Silva, his career has gone out the window.

Finally, 77 is great cause franklin finally get his shot at the title and I wonder if he can still beat Silva at his best. The rashad/ortiz rematch is also there which i found the first a big disappointment as it was slow and ended a draw. The reason I cant wait though is McDonald vs Okami, o yea. I guess Silvia might show a good fight but I cant stand they posted a pic with him holding the title.
8/24/07 2:30:25AM
I reeallly want to see the rampage hendo fight, not to mention the Mirko vs. kongo fight.
8/24/07 3:20:07AM
75 is the 1 i'm most looking forward to since it is the first unification fight and its for free

74 and 76 are filled with great matchups. UFC 74 features a lot of fights that might have title applications. 76 has a lot of great international talent.

UFN 11 should be great. lookin forward 2 a war between ken flo and di

However, i'm pretty disappointed at what UFC has to offer for 77
8/24/07 9:52:11AM
Hnderson vs Jackso, will be hyped, but Randy vs GG is where i have my money now, if i win that bet i will put all of it on ufc 75 jackson vs henderson,.

So ufc 74 this saturday(sunday morning for us sweeds)
8/24/07 10:01:25AM
Griffin vs a Shotgun sounds interesting. My money is on the shotgun.

I'm looking forward to 76 the most because of Shoguns debut, Fitch - Sanchez, Chuck - Jardine, Griffin - Tavares and Naks debut against Machida. Gouveia - Lambert isn't bad either. Awesome card!
8/24/07 10:09:09AM
UFC 75, it's got a good card besides Jackson-Henderson. There's also Cro Cop-Kongo and Bisping vs. Hamill, that's 3 solid matchups.
8/24/07 3:29:31PM
hostile territory sounds awesome, can't wait to see silva back in action. not to mention vera back in the cage will be great. hopefully tito/rashad will be a go then too.
8/24/07 4:15:49PM
UFC 75; I want to see Rampage smash Henderson, and Cro Cop lay Kongo out, its gonna be brutal!
8/24/07 6:03:52PM

Posted by cmill21

I reeallly want to see the rampage hendo fight, not to mention the Mirko vs. kongo fight.

this is gonna be awsome.. i just cannot wait ... what a beautiful card haha just with those two
8/24/07 6:19:31PM
I'm a Tito fan, what else would I vote?
8/24/07 6:24:09PM
Even though Couture is probably my favorite fighter ever, you can't beat Rampage vs Hendo, for free. Not to mention Bisping vs Hamill and CroCop vs Kongo.
8/24/07 8:25:22PM
I'm looking most forward to 75 because I"m a huge Rampage fan. But I dont know why I've missed it or haven't paid attention.

UFC 74 is a damn good card up and down.


That's some decent fights there.
8/24/07 10:43:21PM
you cant go wrong with Rampage/Henderson, and its free on spike. Plus Mirko, Congo, and Bisping.this is my vote. Although i am looking forward to shotgun
8/25/07 10:32:56AM
I picked 74 do to the fact that its been a long 7 wks with nothing but MLB on TV it has suck balls but other than that it would be 77 to see Silva Fanklin/Vera Sylvia/Tito Rashad
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