Event change to UFC 111 - Alves out, and Fitch will fight Saunders

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3/25/10 10:40:50PM

UFC's Thiago "Pitbull" Alves will not fight at Saturday's UFC 111, because a CAT Scan shows an irregularity in his brain ... TMZ has learned. Thiago was scheduled to rumble with Jon Fitch on Saturday -- but a pre-fight CAT Scan revealed an irregularity -- a source close to 26-year-old Pitbull tells TMZ the irregularity involves an artery in the brain.



UFC guru Dana White tells TMZ Saunders called him and asked for the fight, after Alves was benched because of an irregular CAT Scan, as TMZ first reported. White tells us if Saunders wins against Fitch, he'll get a title shot with Georges St-Pierre. Saunders was scheduled to fight Jake Ellenberger on Saturday but now Jake is the odd man out. White tells us he'll pay Jake his fee and schedule another fight later. Read more: http://www.tmz.com/2010/03/25/ufc-replaces-thiago-alves-on-fight-ben-saunders-georges-st-pierre/#ixzz0jFLdB7MI


Please update the event, so we have enough time to change these picks around.
3/25/10 11:00:45PM
It's updated.

3/25/10 11:07:16PM

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