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3/16/10 7:17:31PM
Is the next UFC event live on ESPN in the UK, ( Jones v Vera), ive looked at my sky plus planner and its not showing. I will be gutted if its not on.
3/18/10 2:10:45PM
Rabi it looks like where not going to see it live on espn but it will be on at 01:00 monday on espn this sucks but its better than nothing.
3/18/10 3:56:30PM
Thats live mate, its a Sunday night event.
3/18/10 4:02:41PM
its only on for 2 hours on espn mate unless it changes on the sky planner.
3/19/10 3:24:52AM
Only 4 live fights, most of the TV shows are always 2 hrs long, its only the PPV's that are 3 hours.
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