Evans Will defend This Summer Against Rampage Or Machida

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3/5/09 5:13:11PM
With UFC 96 only 2 days away, Quinton Rampage Jackson and Keith Jardine, met the press at the customary pre-fight press conference to address last minute questions about their fight and of course what will happen in the light heavyweight division after their bout is over.

UFC President Dana White announced at the press conference that UFC light heavyweight champion, Rashad Evans, would be defending his title this summer against either Jackson if he is victorious against Jardine, or Lyoto Machida if Jardine wins. White was also adamant in saying that if Jardine does get the win, he will get closer to a title shot, and he will fight Evans if he's still the champion.

3/5/09 5:44:59PM
i hope it's main event for ufc 100
3/5/09 6:09:52PM

Posted by chuckw94

i hope it's main event for ufc 100

That makes two of us.
3/5/09 6:42:30PM

Posted by higdon10

Posted by chuckw94

i hope it's main event for ufc 100

That makes two of us.

Three of us lol
3/5/09 7:10:46PM
GSP vs. Alves will be the main event of UFC 100,with Bisping vs. Hendo being the co-main event.

They will use Rashad's first title defense as a main event for another card.They've learned their lesson from other cards-they just can't put multiple title fights on one card anymore,due to the number of PPVs they do.When they stack too many title fights on one card,they end up with long strings of PPV cards with no title fights.That's bad for business.They generaly like to have a title fight on at least every other PPV at a minimum.

Despite the hype,there will only be one title fight on UFC 100,and it will be GSP vs. Alves,which will be awesome.We'll get Bisping vs. Hendo and probably one other solid matchup.It will be a slightly better than average PPV.Don't get your hopes up.

3/5/09 7:21:49PM
Dana White said Gsp vs Alves will not be the main event for 100. i can't remember what radio show he said it on. i'll look around for the source.
3/5/09 7:27:56PM
I remember that Chuck

Either fight Evans gets ill be picking against him with confidence.
3/5/09 9:09:35PM
Should be Machida for sure
3/5/09 9:54:47PM

Posted by theguido

Should be Machida for sure

Why is that?
3/6/09 4:44:35AM
because Jardine will squash Rampage???

lol lets get rid of the undefeated i wanna see Shad V Machi. Then hit up the others
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