Evans vs. Bisping video anyone?

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6/16/08 10:23:16AM
Does anyone have the fight video of Rashad vs. Bisping?

6/16/08 11:39:11AM
Well, it's only the first two rounds, but I'm assuming you're just looking for footage for an HL, so maybe it will help.

6/16/08 3:32:16PM
Haha, well, mmalinker.com has a ton of videos, and I'm sure that one is on there somewhere.

Seriously tho, the fight was pretty boring. I watched it once since it aired live and buried it deep in the back of my "UFC videos" folder.
6/16/08 4:52:00PM
Thanks for the first 2 rounds man , i found the third round on that japanesy website to .

ChokeUout - I don't intend on using a lot of the fight lol, just some exciting bits.
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