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3/21/08 1:59:55PM
I put a picture up of my Land Cruiser, in sense, to say good bye. I have no choice but to sell it now. I've been trying to stay positive, but it's been really tough trying to keep it together. I can't believe I did it. I can't believe I gambled away $150,000......in six days.


Make sure you scroll down and read the whole blog before you post.
3/21/08 2:18:13PM
haha man...I was actually getting worried and feeling bad at the end of that first paragraph....

Tanner seems like a good dude, and I wish him the best.
3/21/08 2:27:24PM
Yea that sucks I used to love watching Evan fight but the guy is bad with choices.
3/21/08 2:37:01PM

Posted by mrliquid

Yea that sucks I used to love watching Evan fight but the guy is bad with choices.

did you read the whole article??? he only bet 300 bucks...and used the rest to pay back his debts...thats not that bad of a choice...
3/21/08 3:26:40PM
WARRR Tanner baby!!!
I fu*king love this guy! He seams like he's got everything under control now too!
I hope he comes back an destroys who he fights!
The MW devision is just that bit more shiny now hes back!
3/22/08 12:32:22AM
I used to like Tanner but now he is nothing. Hes a punk who wont pay his debts. My favortie is that he turns it around trying to make it sound like he was doing these people a favor trying to win and pay them. H should have Man'ed up in his words and payed the debts not pissed it away on the BJ table. He is an idiot replacing one addiction for another. I hope he can get the help he needs but other than that fuc off evan tanner

And Mayhem13 there is no way he gambled for 9 or 10 days on 300 dollars
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