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8/11/07 2:16:30PM
Does anyone know how many title defenses he had before succumbing to rich franklin for a second time?
8/11/07 6:11:22PM
His loss to rich was his first defence.
8/12/07 4:13:45PM
Yeah, he beat Terrell at UFC 51 for the vacant belt and lost his rematch with Franklin at 53. Poor Evan. He is one of my favorite fighters and he looked like he was going to make it interesting early in the second Franklin fight. Then Rich took over and turned Tanner's face into swollen putty. Evan is as tough as they come, though, took it like a man and kept going.

When he won the belt against Terrell, that was a thing of beauty. Pure beatdown. The expression on David's face after the fight was stopped was like he just got violated. That's what you get when Evan Tanner is samurai hair mode.
8/12/07 11:01:10PM
what happened to terrel after that fight. ive never looked at someone after a fight before and seen a more sick look from a fighter. does terrel still fight or is he just grappling and teaching?
8/13/07 9:44:53AM
Injuries. The guy has been fighting the injury bug ever since his loss to Tanner. He did end up fighting last year at UFC 59, but after that he was plagued by injuries again. I know he was scheduled to fight Okami a few times this year, but was forced to back out.
8/13/07 1:17:56PM
Does anyone know what's going on with Tanner, I thought he was going to fight Eastman but I heard that fight was canceled becuase of Tanner?
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