Evan Tanner On Silva: "If I Want The Belt, I'll Take It"

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3/12/07 4:50:21PM
The following is an excerpt from an interview with former UFC Middleweight champion Evan Tanner, conducted by RandomSpeak.com:

3/13/07 6:51:05AM
""anxiously awaiting for Evan's return""
3/13/07 7:19:45AM
i cant wait because i think he is right he will take the belt
3/13/07 12:00:09PM
With the way Tanner has been performing lately, I would love to see this fight!
3/13/07 1:59:23PM
I guess I am the only one who laughed out loud at that quote.
3/13/07 2:39:29PM
maybe silva doesn't have security or a dog at his place and tanner can sneek in and steal it outta the closet.
3/14/07 4:58:02PM
silva will pummel that Tanner
3/16/07 11:43:26AM

Posted by knappy

silva will pummel that Tanner

Probabaly, but Silva's ground game is questionable. Evan needs to get his heart back into the game before I take him seriously.
3/16/07 12:57:03PM
Evan Tanner and Silva match up perfectly I think. However Silva is comparable to the crow in terms of standup skills so I'm not sure.

I just think that Rich Franklin has Tanner's number no matter what he does. I can't wait to see Tanner back in action.
3/18/07 10:38:51AM
Tanner wont be back!

Just like Matt Lindland hes a good fighter, with a great career behind him but hes just not marketable!
3/19/07 11:43:44AM
Notice how Dana appears to be just throwing people at Silva.

It's as if he wants him to lose. I get the feeling Dana does not care for Silva.

That being said, I think Dana wants to protect marketable champions.

Personally, I don't care who is champion as long as I see good fights.
3/20/07 1:40:31AM

Posted by Someguy

I guess I am the only one who laughed out loud at that quote.

No you weren't!
3/20/07 3:50:09AM
I want the old tanner to come back!!

He disappeared some time after he spanked Terell.

3/20/07 3:22:40PM
tanner will be back and kicking ass
3/20/07 9:54:46PM
hahahaha does evan tanner actually believe that he is gonna come back from like couple years abcense and beat anderson silva look what happen to chris leben and rich franklin he walked rite through them and anderson silva is a black belt in jui jitsu so u cant say he doesnt have a good ground game. so for evan tanner to come out and say that is beyond me cause in my mind evan tanner is good but hes been haven problems with drinkin and family issues and anderson sila is at the top of his game in my mind the only one rite now that would stand a chance to take that belt would be mike swick
3/21/07 6:17:26PM
hahaha u dont know wat ur talkin about
3/22/07 7:15:08AM
HAHAHAH learn how to spell than we will chat about tanner or for your sake tenarer ( i spelled it wrong for you.)
3/27/07 1:30:02AM
Against silva, no way
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