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3/12/07 12:53:26AM

RS: What are your thoughts on the Middleweight division right now, and more specifically the new MW Champ, Anderson Silva?

Evan: You know, people always as me questions like that. I can't really answer them. I can't really say I'm a fan of the sport. I like to compete, but I don't watch much fighting or keep up with the latest news. Unless I'm fighting I'm usually somewhere else altogether, working on some outside project, reading a book, or out on some adventure somewhere.

RS: Well obviously you have alot of other stuff on your plate as well.

Evan: I spent almost all of last year on the road. I had a lot of personal issues I was dealing with. Right now I'm completely focused on getting this foundation up and running. I'll worry about me later.

Thoughts on Anderson Silva, though- nobody fights him right. Nobody knows how to fight him. They all come in with the completely wrong approach. I know the exact way to beat Anderson; I know the right kind of movement, and the way to beat him.

RS: So you're confident that if you make a comeback, you would have a good shot at the title?

Evan: (laughs) For sure. I've never trained year-round, and I think I'm infamous for the amount of drinking I've done. Those two things have had a serious effect on what I've been able to do in the ring.

3/12/07 1:36:25AM
Thanks for sharing that, because ever since Silva got the belt I thought Evan had a good chance at getting the title against Silva. Franklin maybe a bad match up for Tanner but I think he could take Silva.
3/12/07 1:56:12AM

I can't really say I'm a fan of the sport.

3/12/07 3:38:56AM
tanner seems like a cool dude , its a shame he's taken so much time away from the sport....we likelly wont see him on the big stage again
3/12/07 5:45:40AM
God damn hippie. I like Tanners fighting style and he clearly belongs on the list of wasted talents. It's a shame really.

His triangle on Levens is one of my favorite subs in the UFC and I started to work that setup in practice after I saw that fight and it's an excellent one. People don't expect it.
3/12/07 9:44:04AM

Posted by CountryBreakfast

tanner seems like a cool dude , its a shame he's taken so much time away from the sport....we likelly wont see him on the big stage again

I think it all depends on his foundadtion. If he can get it running and some help with it. He will be able to take time away from it and train. But right now i think he wants that up and runnning rahter then putting it on the backburner. I think his camp as hte potential to help some kids.
3/12/07 11:37:58AM
Tanner is a beast and he's proven he can take a punch. I could only imagine what he would do if he was training full time. I'm not gonna say outright he would beat Anderson Silva but I wouldn't count him out. I think Evan could probably get him to the ground and from there lay some nasty GNP and land some of those elbows of his and either TKO him or cut him. With all that being said I think Evan still has a long way back and unless the UFC offers him a serious amount of money I don't think he'll be in any hurry to get back.
3/12/07 12:19:49PM
Yea, as stated above I think he is kind of a wasted talent. Someone who is naturally good at the sport, but never putting in the 110%. Im a fan of his, I just wish he would have more dedication to the sport, if he was that good to start with, imagine how food he could have been if he had focused and stopped drinking so much.
3/13/07 2:59:14PM
I love Evan Tanner. He would have a good shot against Silva. The problem is that Silva's Muay Thai is too strong. It could go down like the Loiseau fight. I say Silva by TKO in the 2nd due to cut.
3/13/07 4:43:38PM
If were talking about Tanner beating Silva I disagree. Silva has evolved into a different fighter than he was, since coming to the UFC. Tanner has went the other way. His abilities are impressive no doubt, but his heart isnt in it. Give him awhile to train and get his heart back in it then I'll think he's got a shot, but just because he say's he knows how to beat Silva dont mean a thing. Anderson's head is in it ta win it! I got Silva in two.
3/13/07 5:54:43PM
I would love to see Tanner back in the octogon, but I get why he is so aloof when it comes to the sport...

It seems like the guy has had a pretty crazy life, and that fighting to him was 'means' to an 'end', not the 'end' of the 'means'...

I guess what I'm saying is, he is using his noteriety and what he has learned throughout a seemingly wild(for lack of better terms) life to do something that helps the community and gives a hand to those who need it...

It'll be a shame if we won't get to see him tap Lawler again or hillbilly stomp Tarell, but it seems like it has taken him half his life to find whatever he was looking for and unfortunatley for us fans, it wasn't in the octagon...

More power to you Evan
3/13/07 5:56:43PM

Posted by Jamie98s

I can't really say I'm a fan of the sport.


I too found that really interesting. Most guys can't get enough of MMA if they compete in it. Go to every live show they can, read about it, watch it, etc. And for him to say he doesn't ATLEAST keep up with it sounds like a little bit of an exaggeration.
3/13/07 6:03:04PM
Tanner is a nutcase.
3/13/07 9:57:40PM
I hope he makes it back, but I think he needs a few tuneup fight's against top competition before he evn starts talking about fighting someone like Anderson. He may not even be the same fighter he was , let alone a better one. He seems to be saying that his priority is this school anyway.
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