Evan Tanner has left this world a little less interesting (Joe Rogan's Blog)

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9/9/08 11:15:45PM
Thought this was worth sharing...

The world has lost one of it’s most interesting characters.
The news spread all over the Internet yesterday that former UFC middleweight champion Evan Tanner is dead.
Evan had apparently gone out deep into the California desert looking for adventure and perished when he ran out of gas and water.
For any normal person the thought of traveling alone into the middle of the savage environment of Death Valley seems insane, but when I heard that’s what Evan Tanner was planning it made perfect sense.
Evan was a lot more than a “normal” person. He was a fascinating individual – a wandering spirit in search of adventure in the truest sense of the term.
I was a regular reader of Evan’s blog, and although I had always appreciated him as a fighter and a friendly person to talk to, it was in reading his writings that I came to better understand his spirit.

He would write with painful honesty and admirable vision about every aspect of his journey through this life, and when I would read his words I would always get food for thought.
Sometimes when I write, it’s like I’m reaching out to an old friend without a name or a face. I think of it as some new form of non-physical intimacy.
I’m trying to find my consciousness and merge it with yours, and as weird as it sounds I feel that connection with every myspace message and email I get.
We’re both alone and interfaced with a monitor in silence, and as I craft my sentences and express my ideas my intention is always for you to get an unfiltered view into my thoughts. I want you to take them with you.
I’m opening my head to merge my thoughts with you, and the only way that really works is if I’m 100% honest.

Reading Evan Tanner’s blog has on many occasions inspired me into that conclusion.
His blog was a porthole into the window of his soul, and reading his brave, uncensored thoughts gave me an invigorated sense of purpose to do the same.
Evan’s take on life was like that of a character in an adventure novel, and his thirst for experience was actually what lead him into fighting in the first place.

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9/9/08 11:47:05PM
Joe's great for the UFC. I've said it a million times over and this just proves it.

He really liked Tanner. I'm sure he's crushed.
9/10/08 12:24:37AM
Joe is great for the UFC. Really feels like the voice of the people at times.
9/10/08 12:58:45AM
Yeah, Evan really embodied the Warrior Spirit and it's sad to see him Go
9/10/08 4:10:04PM
in heaven, the clouds are endless whitewater. may evan find the adventure that he's been looking for
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