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3/5/07 3:30:48PM
tanner is a great fighter and great guy, got this from mmaweekly:

3/5/07 4:01:17PM
Tanner seems like an intelligent dude...I like reading his interviews and hearing him talk. I would support him...wouldn't mind being on his competition team either
3/5/07 4:22:39PM
I've always had a ton of respect for Evan Tanner. glad to hear he hasn't left the fight game for good
3/5/07 4:45:46PM
thats a great interview, how could anyone not like evan tanner? glad to know hes doing well and has at least one fight left.
3/5/07 6:54:21PM
Great guy, been seeing how this whole "Foundation" thing has been panning out over at his myspace.

I originally doubted the idea, he sounded like he was in a lot of trouble with life at one point, but Evan has soldiered through it.

Great guy, cheers for the link.
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