evan tanner gambled away all his money

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3/20/08 6:44:20PM
3/20/08 6:53:54PM
Damn this sucks. I really pulled for the guy at 82. I really really hope he gets the help he needs....
3/20/08 6:56:44PM
3/20/08 7:08:44PM
natural selection...the fact that he would do it again is proof that this guy still needs help. he supposedly kicked his alcohol problem but now we have to fix his gambling habits.
3/20/08 7:20:16PM
The sad thing is that neither the fans nor Evan Tanner himself will ever know what Even Tanner could have been if he had gotten his act together for longer than 6 months at a time. I honestly believe that man could have been one of the more dominant champs in the MW division.
3/20/08 9:00:07PM
its sounds pathetic because he makes it sound like he did it for the people he owed money to but at the end of his entry he states that he would do it again. Sorry if i owe somebody money you pay them what you got not pay the light bill at the nearest casino.
3/20/08 10:06:06PM
nastshabast i was just making a joke bud Im with you on this one
3/20/08 10:19:35PM
I feel bad for the guy. Battling an addiction is not easy.
3/20/08 10:30:35PM

Posted by emfleek

I feel bad for the guy. Battling an addiction is not easy.

this must be more than an addiction...this goes into deeper issues. **** hoping i see him fight again....i just hope i never hear anymore bad news about the guy. really really hope he gets it together
3/20/08 10:56:05PM
meh, at least he isn't selling his UFC Belt away. NOT MENTIONING ANY NAMES!
3/21/08 1:58:08PM
Man I really feel sorry for this guy. He's got a huge addiction. He needs to check himself into a rehab. I just feel so sad. I can't believe he said he'd do it again! Someone needs to slap some sense into him.
3/21/08 2:55:57PM
Sorry, i just posted a dupe link.
3/22/08 8:15:22PM
Why? Tanner Why?

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