Evan Tanner on Fighting Career: "Im not done"

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3/5/08 2:21:23AM
Evan Tanner suffered a second-round knockout loss to Yushin Okami at this past weekend's UFC 82 event, failing in his comeback attempt after a two-year layoff from the sport.

After I read this article I had to post it. I hope for nothing but the best for Tanner.Link
3/5/08 2:28:52AM
I so glad to hear this. He is truly one of my favs, I knew he was biting off more than he could chew taking on Yushin Okami after the long layoff. Now maybe he will take an easier fight to get back in the swing of things.
3/5/08 2:39:34AM
I dont care what anybody says, you have to be a f#&$!n beast to quit cold turkey. Tanner
3/5/08 2:39:59AM
Of course he isn't done. This is the first time he has fought in 2 years. The long of lay off can have a huge factor on a fighter. Tanner will be back to title contention in some time.
3/5/08 5:14:53AM

So glad to hear this, i may have lost my brain but i could have sworn that in between rounds Evan was saying he wanted to quit the fight and his corner werent letting him, but i was really worried he would disheartened and maybe may not have known just how good Okami was

to Joe Silva for making that fight as Tanners return, it didnt make any sense

to Evan fighting again soon and i hope its a mid to lower level guy that he can beat, although having said, i like this call ........................ LEBEN! Tanner would have his way with him i think
3/5/08 8:42:12AM
personally I think tanner is done beating top contenders, I think he can only beat the cans in the middleweight division.
3/5/08 9:54:31AM
Evan Tanner is a perfect example of wasted potential. I mean the guy had all the tools in the world to be the champion, had he only trained harder. Who takes a 2 year lay off at 37 years old?! I wish him all the best, he's a complete freak to do what he does at his age without regular training. Unfortunately, we will never know what he could have been had he put his heart into fighting. It is quite possible that he could have been dominating the MW division for years.

Having said that, WAR TANNER
3/5/08 1:16:04PM
I read it on his site and I was made up he never hit the bottle.
I know its not cool to say but the first thing i thought when he lost was i hope he doesn't start to drink again.

I can't wait to see Tanner fight again he's a warrior and always has exciting fights!

3/5/08 1:38:24PM
Tanner should fight the looser of MacDonnald vs Doerkson.
3/5/08 2:33:49PM
Definately not a good pick to re-welcome you back into the fighting game, he should have taken on Dean Lister or Kalib Starnes or something. Just because you used to be a champ, doesn't mean that you are in title contention after a 2 year lay off!! Especially with the 2 years that we have just had!!
3/5/08 2:56:37PM
Good to here that Tanner isn't done. I'd like to see him in the octagon again. Although his match against Okami was less than impressive. Not sure he'll be more than just a gatekeeper now though.
3/5/08 7:43:19PM
Love the read man, i think that a big reason why he came back was because he had to conquer the demons again, the cage was a big reason on why he became an alcoholic. To truely become sober you have to go back to the place that made you an alcoholic. Think that he is a great fighter but there has always been someone a little better than him throughout his career.
3/5/08 8:51:57PM
yea, okami was a horrible first fight back.....but you guys must remember Tanner said 4 other guys were offered a fight with him, and declined.

I'm still waiting to hear who those 4 were.

3/5/08 11:58:51PM
A bunch of scared litlle B!tches!!!
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