Evan Tanner Death Confirmed in California

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9/9/08 5:52:50PM
Evan was always a warrior to the end. I'll never forget that fight against Kendall Grove. He took some shots, but he refused to go down. We need more fighters like him. Fighters that go all out just because it is in their nature to fight.

RIP Evan. You will be missed.

This is always a topic on MMA message boards, but I think we all know who the next UFC Hall of Famer should be:

9/9/08 6:26:52PM
I cant believe this news, im well shocked. Hackney is speechless. Evan was an awesome human being. cant believe he's dead.
9/9/08 7:34:32PM
Wow, that's a pretty big shock. RIP.
9/9/08 8:33:13PM
What a loss.
9/10/08 1:35:16AM
what a loss, to mma and to his family. (and anyone that knew him)

R.I.P. Evan

Always loved to see him on a card, this is just too sad.
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