Evan Tanner’s Camp: No Official Fight Booking Yet

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12/28/07 11:55:25AM
A rumored UFC 82 bout between Evan Tanner (32-6 MMA, 11-4 UFC) and middleweight contender Yushin Okami (21-4 MMA, 5-1 UFC) hasn’t been booked — not yet, anyway.

12/28/07 1:56:22PM
WTF.... I can't see how 4 fighters have already turned this down. They should be chomping at the bit!! Here is a champ with nearly 2 years off... Some new guy trying to prove himself....sounds to me like a logical match up. Either you can hang, or you don't! I can name at least 10 guys in the MW div that should take this fight!!!
12/28/07 2:26:19PM
I think a fight with Okami would be a mistake for Tanner.....He should be fighting someone like Belcher or McDonald.....
12/28/07 7:49:05PM
Tanner Is gona have his hands full ... but the way i see it is okami is a great fighter but its very possible for him to out work him ... okami starts slow ... if tanner is in hs face can secure a take down or 2 i say he wins the fight unanimous decsion 29-28 on all 3 score cards ... mostly cuz he's gona gas when okami picks it up round 3 ... and wit this win one more then him vs silva hopefully but doubtfully in my opnion henderson will win ... but what an awsome name for the event pride of a champion was it ?
12/28/07 10:26:12PM
Good Title for that night. I listed like 10 guys in another thread that I thought would be a good match up for Tanner....without further ado...
Belcher, Leben, Maia, Herman, MacDonald, Kampman, Quarry, Cote, and Lutter.
The last 2 mainly because there supposed match ups are either cancelled or probably will be soon, Rich is hurt, and McFedries' mom passed away.
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