Evan Tanner blog on Spike.com coming soon

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6/13/08 12:15:44AM

“I’ll be making two to three posts a week. Spike’s given me the freedom to talk about whatever’s on my mind, within reason of course.

1. I’ll be giving training updates, with pictures and video footage, sparring sessions, technique sessions, and strength and conditioning sessions. Hopefully I’ll be able to get some behind the scenes footage in the dressing room before and after fights, and footage of everything else that goes on that’s never shown on the UFC event coverage.
2. I’ll also be giving thoughts on upcoming events, and individual fights. And sometimes, I’ll be doing post fight reviews. I’m sure I’ll have a thing or two to say about developments with the UFC and the MMA world in general.

6/13/08 5:19:36AM

MMA's best blogger eva
6/13/08 11:09:00AM
I think it will be good because fans will get to see how he's training, get his thoughts on upcoming fights, etc.
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