Evan Tanner Will Beat Anderson Silva

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7/12/07 2:13:04AM
this is the type of fighter i think will beat silva hes a better wrestler with decent muay thai and pretty good submission skills even if he doesnt win i believe hell put up a really exciting fight for him
7/12/07 2:20:17AM
Nate had trouble getting the takedown then when he did he could do absolutely nothing with it. Silva by KO round 2
7/12/07 2:20:39AM
I won't necessarily agree with you. However I will never in my life count Evan Tanner out!!!
7/12/07 2:47:00AM
We don't even know if he will be as good as he was. So, I think it would be wise to reserve judgment till he has a couple of fights under his belt again.
7/12/07 6:50:24AM
Unfortunately I think Silva would whoop Tanner especially with the layoff he's had. Now that Nate got beaten down badly by Anderson I don't think there's anyone in that division that can stop him.
Bring in Filho though and we'll have a new champion.
7/12/07 8:42:09AM
Tanner was / is a good fighter but not as good as Silva. Silva would KO him just like Franklin did.
7/12/07 9:59:52AM
Tanner is going to come back strong, training with the Chute training camp.
7/12/07 10:50:14AM
silva would knock him out!!!
7/12/07 1:06:01PM
As I watch the ass wopping anderson put on Rich and Nate it only makes me think of the ass wopping Rich put on Tanner. Come on unless Hendo moves down or someone else comes in Anderson will be king for a long time
7/12/07 2:07:49PM
I think Tanner would stand a good chance myself. I think Rich just has his number just like Silva has Rich's number and Chuck has Titos number. Tanner is great at ground and pound and in the clinch and with knees although I dont think a good gameplan would involve clinching with anderson silva and exchanging knees. I would much rather see this matchup than Franklin Silva 2.
7/12/07 3:22:28PM
if you think evan tanner will beat anderson silva ,i want some of what you are smoking...
7/12/07 3:58:55PM
I can't even believe this is posted. Tanner stands no chance now and even in his prime I think Silva would beat him. On his feat or on the ground.
7/12/07 9:39:32PM
Evan Tanner is an incredibly underrated fighter. He was a self-made fighter for the first portion of his career, and when he started to actually lose, he began to seriously train. Tanner, I believe, is very intelligent and knows how to train well. Like most fighters who are stuck in a rut at one time or another, there are probably reasons for it. I personally think that Tanner would have a chance against Silva.
7/13/07 8:00:35AM
i cant see Evan beating Silva, as much as i like Evan, i cant see him beatig him tho
7/13/07 10:04:15AM
Hmmm, I think this thread makes more sense if you put Matt Lindland in the title instead.
7/13/07 10:07:06AM
matt lindland would beat anderson silva without a doubt. Tanner/Silva is at least debatable hence the purpose of threads.
7/13/07 4:36:37PM
i think evan would be out of he mind to fight Silva, silva would tear him apart on the feet and on the ground
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7/13/07 5:17:08PM
Thats his belt unless hendo goes to 185, they sign Kang, filho or Rich decides to change everything about himself. I still don't agree Lindland would beat silva, andersons a verrrry dynamic striker. I think Anderson is the best MW in the world and will be for a long long time. Evan Tanners to old to get the belt back...36 is anchient as a fighter.
7/13/07 11:57:45PM

Posted by Twenty20Dollars

Tanner is going to come back strong, training with the Chute training camp.

Best camp in the world IMO, but Silva trained with them before and I do not think Evan will be able to last 3mins with Silva standing. I can't even see him getting a takedown to be perfectly honest. I like Evan too, I got his autograph at UFC 54 =)
7/14/07 12:27:35AM
Anderson's the weirdest man on earth. He's very talented and in a really good place mentally it seems. It'll be an incredibly tough task for anyone to beat him right now.
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