Evan Tanner -VS- Kendall Grove - WHO WINS AND HOW?

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Grove KO / TKO 5% (2)
Grove SUBMISSION 10% (4)
Grove DECISION 0% (0)
Tanner KO / TKO 69% (29)
Tanner SUBMISSION 14% (6)
Tanner DECISION 2% (1)
6/12/08 10:11:51AM
Personally I think Evan wrecks Kendall in the 1st with some dirty boxing then GnP maybe

But what does everyone else think? the picks are fairly close

Are the UFC trying to give Tanner a win or are they trying it vice versa? OR do they have no preference?

Either way its an odd main event for a spike event, 2 fighters coming off KO losses (grove off of 2 straight!), still i think we all like the fight and most ppl are either a Grove or Tanner fan, still weakest main event ever ja fink? and we had such good recent ones like BJ vs Jens and Guida vs Huertas
6/12/08 10:22:53AM
Tanner KO/TKO. Such would be the trend as of late for Kendall Grove.
6/12/08 11:21:45AM
i think tanner will destroy kendall..............true he just got KTFO, but that was againts okami, (who should be no 1 contender) who many think has the best shot at anderson.

id really like to make some real money on this, but id have to wager a decent amount on tanner just to win a small amount.......i feel like its a safe bet, but u never know....

remind me.....how did kendall win most of the fights he HAS won.....submission? tko? not KO right?
6/12/08 11:41:04AM
Tanner by tko in the 2nd. It seems like lately a gentle breeze can knock kendall out and Tanner has some decent striking.
6/12/08 11:42:23AM
Yeah, I too not only think he will beat Kendall, but I also think he will destroy him.
6/12/08 12:04:39PM
Guess im on the wagon. Tanner by stoppage in the 2nd. The only chance Grove has is probably a sub but Tanner is a pretty good grappler. I really hope he has a good showing.
6/12/08 12:17:37PM
Kendall has no chin. tanner is gonna overwhelm him and send him packing within 2 rounds.
6/12/08 1:55:02PM
Tanner by ground and pound
6/12/08 4:18:59PM
Looks like i'm the only thinking Kendall is going to win. He'll get taken down and get the submission off his back
6/12/08 4:39:15PM
they are both "scrappers" should be a good fight
6/12/08 4:49:15PM

Posted by GrizzlyChadams

Looks like i'm the only thinking Kendall is going to win. He'll get taken down and get the submission off his back

I gave Kendall his chance in the Rivera fight and he burned me out of some points and even that pick leaned more against Rivera than for Kendall. He hasn't done anything to impress me or make me even confident that he has improved as a fighter.
6/12/08 5:18:52PM
lol @ all the tanner picks
6/12/08 5:21:30PM
Tanner by submission
6/12/08 5:47:31PM
Tanner KO/TKO
6/12/08 6:10:29PM
Tanner by first round G&P TKO.
6/13/08 10:35:27PM
Depending on which tanner we get it will be Tanner via GnP TKO, or a UD
6/13/08 11:47:42PM
i think tanner can win anyway that he wants to win, because kendall isn't good.
6/16/08 10:55:01AM

Posted by CantAndleDaRiddum

lol @ all the tanner picks

lol come on dude you sure you going to be loling after the fight, do you really think Kendall will win? if so how?

I just cant give Grove much chance to get the sub, unless Evan finds his lanky legs hard to deal with but the guy has only been subbed one in 97 by Herring ffs! besides a miracle punch its domination by evan and me going like this
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