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8/17/12 5:48:54PM

Posted by pmoney

I feel where you are coming from KFM. However I think a lot of people already hit the nail on the head. If he's any kind of salesman, he wouldn't have sold it for less than cost or sold to break even. If he wasn't satisfied with the profit margin, he shouldn't have taken it.

I actually have a moral quandary, perhaps you Playgrounders can offer some insight. A few nights ago, I went to get some burritos for dinner. Let me preface by saying, I try to give everywhere I go. Panhandlers, tip jars at starbucks or the aforementioned burrito place, whatever, I try to give. If I go to a restaurant, you'd have to do a terrible job not to get a 20% tip from me.

Anyhow, I'm at the drive thru, and the total was like $18. I gave the cashier a $20. She handed me back $18 and change, which should have been like a dollar. I was going to give it back, but I noticed a line with a lot of people behind me. I drove forward, with the intent of going inside and giving back the difference. I always do when I get incorrect change.

However, as I pulled up, I recalled something: the last time this happened, I was at the same restaraunt. I was given an extra $10 back. So I notified them, said "hey you gave me too much money. My bill was x, paid with y and you gave me z." And this goddamn cunt looked at me like I stole the money from her. So I said fuck it, if she is too stupid to count or be grateful I am an honest person, why would I do her a favor again? So I left with essentially a free meal.

I had barely thought of it since that night, but this thread reminded me of it. I don't give looking for something back. I don't give to justify or say "well this is my good karma coming back to me". I just try to help. Should I have given the money back? I already tried to help this bitch by giving her the money back before...

Same thing more or less happened to me. Used to work in the hotel industry for almost 10 years before switching careers. Anyhow in my early 20's I was doing room service which in itself has left me with a lot of fucked up stories I could write a book about. We used to get a ton of airline pilots and stewardesses and they would always ask for their discount which in itself was annoying. They never once, tipped, ever. No matter how much work you did for them.

Anyhow this one stewardess actually tipped me a few rolled up dollar bills, I was so busy I never even unrolled it until I got home and it was two $1 bills with a $100 wrapped inside it. I was like holy fuck. So when I went to work the next day I took it upon myself to see if she was still there to give it back, but she had checked out and left that morning. I felt bad for a bit but because of how many times in years the Airline fucks stiffed on tips, and were fucks it made it pretty good.
8/18/12 5:24:44PM

Posted by KungFuMaster

Posted by infestructure

Posted by KungFuMaster

My question is - do you think I was too selfish in my bargaining and what would you have paid for the key chain?

He was the one who started haggling, so it's well within your rights to haggle back. To have offered him a lower price initially would have been rude, but as the saying goes... he started it

In my jewellery shop, I can get quite offended when people ask for a discount. It's like they think my jewellery is not worth it. I usually say well, "if you can't AFFORD it, we have some cheaper items over here in the POOR SECTION!" (i'm joking about the last part)

Oh and you couldn't GIVE me that shitty keychain

If you're a private owner, you'll hate me as a customer. I will negotiate whenever I can. I believe most things are negotiable.

MY question to you is...

Do you haggle at McDonalds or the gas station? What makes it OK to haggle in my shop (a small private business) and not OK at a huge multinational corporation?
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