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1/8/09 11:07:50AM
I started a thread like this for UFC 92, and some people responded, but I think that it's a thread that could really take off with some more responses. Even if you only have one idea, then please post. I gave you some starting points.

Dan Henderson - vs. Wandy. Dan showed why he's a top-notch fighter in this one.
Rich Franklin - vs. Matt Hamill, some say that Hamill is a poor man's Hendo. He has top-level wrestling plus power-influenced striking and a good chin. Hamill didn't look on top of his game in this one, but Franklin still handled him easily.

Mark Coleman - vs. Shogun 1. Coleman showed a lot of passion during and after this fight. If he comes out like that in this one, then I may give him a little bit of a shot.
Shogun Rua - any PRIDE fight. Forget about the Forrest fight and remember who we're talking about here.

Alan Belcher - vs. Ed Herman. He went to a SPLIT decision with Herman. That says a lot. But don't forget about his early UFC career, when he had a head kick KO vs. Jorge Santiago. Don't forget that he can have dangerous striking.
Denis Kang - vs. Ninja. Shows us how he handles a striker.

Jeremy Horn - vs. Lister or Marquardt. If you want to know how Horn is going to lose this one, then watch these two fights.
Rousimar Palhares - vs. Salaverry. If you want to know how Palhares is going to win this one, then watch this fight.

Marcus Davis - vs. Taylor or Kelly. Davis in a couple of standup fights.
Chris Lytle - vs. Taylor. Compare how he fought Taylor with how Davis fought Taylor.

Martin Kampmann - vs. Leites. Shows how much potential this guy has.
Alexandre Barros -

Eric Schafer - vs. Houston Alexander. Shows that he knows exactly what to do with a dangerous striker.
Antonio Mendes - vs. Thiago Silva. Schafer is going to try to do the exact same thing that Silva did - take him to the ground.

Tomasz Drwal - vs. Thiago Silva. Check him out in his only UFC fight.
Ivan Serati - vs. Vitor Belfort. See how he handles a big time fight.

Tom Egan -
John Hathaway - any of his Cage Rage fights.

Dennis Siver - vs. Kotani. His only UFC win
Nate Mohr - vs. Caudillo. His only UFC win.

1/11/09 6:28:29PM
nothing for Tom Egan huh?
1/11/09 8:00:17PM
1/11/09 8:11:49PM

Posted by ohiostate1016

Chris Lytle - vs. Taylor. Compare how he fought Taylor with how Davis fought Taylor.

Davis was a different referee away from losing to Taylor.

EDIT: Nice list and good post though. Can't prop
1/11/09 8:56:30PM
Dan Henderson- vs. Wandy, he shows his versatility and punching power, vs. Rampage, he shows his heart and chin and the devastating clinch game that he has.

Rich Franklin- vs. Travis Lutter, he showed a lot, his ground game, his conditioning, his striking abilities, vs. Matt Hamill, he showed his td defense and when e was taken down he almost subbed Hamill so he showed his versatility as well.

Shogun Rua- vs. Randleman, this shows how shogun handles wrestlers, he showed his elusive guard and leg locks, vs. Rampage he showed his striking skills and his aggressive mentality that he brings into the ring/cage.

Mark Coleman- vs. Don Frye, he showed his wrestling abilities, controlling power, and strength, vs. Fedor, the rematch, he showed he has tremendous heart and its going to take alot to put him away.
1/11/09 11:40:50PM

Dan Henderson vs. Quinton Jackson - It shows that it takes ALOT of punishment to keep Dan Henderson from getting inside on you and physically forcing you to fight his fight.

Dan Henderson vs. Kazuo Misaki - It Showed that against a sneaky counter puncher with great footwork he can be out pointed.

Rich Franklin vs. Yushin Okami - Franklin showed how easily he could be clinched up & tripped against a much physically stronger wrestler.

Rich Franklin vs. Matt Hammill - for reasons already stated

Mauricio Rua vs. Kevin Randleman - Randleman had the exact same gameplan going into it that Coleman will have. Take him down and ground and pound him to a stoppage. Once the fight hit the mat, Rua reversed into a heel hook and an eventual kneebar on the Hammerhouse wrestler Randleman.

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