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9/3/08 9:53:47AM
i find it awesome how espn all day is having randy and brock on their shows for example they both were just on mike and mike radio show and later on they will be on the show first take which is on espn2. and on the sportscenter updates that they have they keep mentioning that they are having the fight.

this is really great for the sport finally some mainstream exposure without kimbos face
9/3/08 11:08:35AM
please someone tell me what was said, i got class

edit: im watching & late for class
9/3/08 11:39:38AM
here's the discussion if yall missed it:

randy says age is no factor

by the way, i cant believe this is for the title....

brock says dana gave him the shot & it was up to ufc to give him a title shot
brock says he isnt ready for randy now, but he will be Nov. 15th

randy very respectful towards brock only havin 3 fights

randy says size will be very big factor

brock calls both underdogs bc of his record & randys age

both looked each other in the eyes when talking about their expecting fireworks by november

brock talks bout dairy farm work taught him good work ethic

brock was asked what randy will elarn from him & he replied, "he'll be suprised"
9/3/08 1:36:09PM
Thanks for the description CantAndleDaRiddum. This should be a great fight.
9/3/08 2:23:17PM
Mania's got audio up:

9/3/08 2:35:18PM
Thanks for the audio, sounds like they were all having a great time lol.
9/3/08 7:46:01PM
Espn also has the interview they did with Josh Elliot on there, This is pretty big for MMA no fight has ever gotten this much hype on mainstream TV.

9/3/08 7:54:53PM
I'm just happy its someone other than Kimbo Slice being shown on ESPN, he was ruining MMA and making the sport look like a bunch of thugs slugging it out.
9/3/08 11:49:06PM
Maybe ESPN is finally treating the sport right. For a long time I avoided any coverage from them as they seemed to relate all of MMA to Kimbo Slice and illegal 12 yr old cage fighting.

It pissed me off that I had to argue with people whos only opinions of MMA came from ESPN as it all centered all stufff that isn't legal, regulated, or supported in MMA. But there are always going to be idiots listening to one source and treating it as absolute.

Thumbs up to ESPN if they turned
9/4/08 10:10:26AM
Actually, SportsCenter tends to show highlights from UFC PPVs, usually the main event (defintitely shown if it's a title fight) and notable UFC results get mentioned on their ticker at the bottom of the screen. And even though I've never been able to watch it don't forget their MMA Live show every Thursday. (Tried to get the podcast version of it but it never works)
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