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10/30/11 9:44:20PM
So most of you know I am a huge USC Trojans fan. I won four tickets to see USC-Stanford last night at the Coliseum. Now, let me say that it would have been better if USC won, but holy shit was game amazing to see live.

I won the tickets from StubHub and they had a party for the winners with a full bar (free) and their friends could come in and party with them. It was a pretty awesome experience considering that we took Stanford to 3 overtimes and damn near beat them.

ESPN's College GameDay was hosted on USC's campus and we all went down there for the full experience. First off, ESPN are a bunch of dicks. What they don't tell you about "GameDay" is that they make you empty your pockets. You can't have anything in your pockets. My friend Roy couldn't even bring in his license plate because they thought he was going to throw it at Corso. Nevermind the fact that his license plate is what made him famous in the first place and that the Travel Channel was filming a documentary, of sorts, on him.

Anyhow, the USC fans were put on notice to make ESPN look like fools and I think we accomplished our goal. Here are some of the signs that made it onto GameDay from the USC fans.
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10/30/11 9:52:32PM
I love the sign right behind Erin Andrews head that says suck it luck.
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