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8/10/09 7:20:51AM
Anyone up for creating a group for this game? I joined recently after checking it out, it's basically an NCAA version of fantasy football. The cool thing about it is it features real college players from all 120 FBS teams (Division 1-A and all Independents including Notre Dame and Navy) and it's simple yet challenging-you pick 8 players (2 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR/TE, 1 Team's Kickers, 1 Team DEF, all players are available to everyone, there is no drafting and no "salary cap", everyone can add/drop players freely) and try to score the most points based on their scoring system:
Offense (QB, RB, WR, TE, TPK)
* 6 pts per rushing, receiving or return touchdown
* 4 pts per passing touchdown
* 3 pts per field goal made
* 2 pts per passing, rushing or receiving two-point conversion
* 1 pt per 10 yards rushing or receiving *
* 1 pt per 25 yards passing
* 1 pt per extra point made

Defense/Special Teams (D/ST)
* 10 pts for 0 points allowed
* 7 pts for 2-6 points allowed
* 4 pts for 7-13 points allowed
* 1 pt for 14-17 points allowed
* 0 pts for 18-21 points allowed (note: team defense is responsible for all points allowed)
* -1 pts for 22-27 points allowed
* -4 pts for 28-34 points allowed
* -7 pts for 35-45 points allowed
* -10 pts for 46+ points allowed
* 5 pts per team win
* 3 pts per defensive or special teams touchdown
* 2 pts per interception
* 2 pts per fumble recovery
* 2 pts per blocked punt, PAT, or FG (note: a deflected kick of any kind does not receive points)
* 2 pts per safety
* 1 pt per sack

You can play the "All Conferences" game that encompasses all of FCS or join a group for only one conference. You can create up to 3 entries. I'm doing an All Conferences entry.

Oh, and it's free. You just need a valid member name and password, also free.
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