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7/31/09 10:36:09AM
It appears Strikeforce officials aren’t ‘weighting’ around to see if Aug. 15 headliners Gina Carano and ‘Cyborg’ Santos hit the 145-pound mark for their upcoming women’s championship bout as PFC veteran Erin Toughill (10-2-1) has been put on notice as a potential replacement according to MMA Fanhouse.

After a string of injuries and medical maladies have shredded the San Jose fight card, it’s no wonder that Toughill is lurking in the shadows for a possible call up. Joe Riggs, Alistair Overeem and Josh Thomson have all been forced to withdraw from their main card matches and Strikeforce isn’t taking any chances with its main event.

7/31/09 12:00:38PM
They're going to need to have two replacements ready to go if they really want to be safe. I'm just glad Strikeforce isn't creating special weight classes for people.
7/31/09 1:37:31PM
What if they both miss?

Whether one or both miss weight. This fight needs to happen.
7/31/09 1:40:54PM
I would like to offer my services to be a replacement should Cyborg not make weight (or get injured). I'm a 13-year veteran of the ground game...

EDIT: I've also been known to stand and 'bang'...
7/31/09 4:54:49PM
it's a pretty sad statement when a professional athlete misses weight so consistently that a backup is actually arranged ahead of time based on the likelihood of them not making weight.

Have some respect for the sport and for your opponent. Missing weight is inexcusable IMO.
7/31/09 7:52:11PM
This fight is the first step in legitimizing women's MMA. If Carano or Cyborg don't make weight it will seriously jepordize women's place in this sport for a long time.
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