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4/20/09 1:03:37PM
Light heavyweights Eric Schafer and Tomasz Drawl have signed contracts to fight at The Ultimate Fighter 9 Finale on June 20th in Las Vegas. learned of the 205-pound matchup on Sunday from a source close to one of the fighters.

4/20/09 1:22:32PM
Good match up, both guys have been improving. Im some what leaning towards Drwal.
4/20/09 1:33:05PM
4/20/09 1:53:46PM
aw man are you serious!? these are my two favorite semi-unknown fighters..

ill go with drawl if he can use his wrestling for takedown defense.
4/20/09 2:14:30PM
going with red in this one
4/20/09 7:56:25PM
I'm gonna have to go with Red on this one, I think he can out last Drawl and submit him.
4/21/09 10:44:46AM
I think Red will draw this out clinch and go for take downs and drain the energy out of Drwal. Grind him down then submit him. Drwal doesn't have the gas tank for a tough guy with Reds style.

That being said, when did TUF finales turn in to sub-par Fight Nights? They hardly have any contestants fight anymore and instead fill up the card with middling veterans. I'm not against Vets on the card, but at least have two names in the main event and have some vets fight contestants from the show to fill out the card. That is the idea right? It's the TUF finale.
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