EPICCC Photos from UFC 145: Jones vs. Evans

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4/23/12 7:48:31PM
Not sure how to embed pictures on this forum or if I can so I'll just post the link but these pictures from UFC 145 are nuts.

Maximo Blanco's flying knee photo may be my new favorite MMA picture. Look at Brimage's face morph from that knee!

The 6 Best Photos From UFC 145: Jones vs. Evans (WARNING: GRAPHIC)
4/23/12 8:58:59PM
wow you weren't kidding when u said epic! I would love to have a few of these as full-blown posters! Especially the Bones elbow
4/23/12 9:24:52PM
Just copy the image URL and click the "insert web image" to the right when typing your message.

I thought this one was pretty cool.

4/24/12 11:11:58AM
This would be a nice photo to signed

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