Epic Rap Battles In History

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8/4/11 5:35:00AM
stumbled across these gems the other day thanks to a youtube

if it's not new, please don't hate. i'm not much of a youtube surfer

Darth Vader vs Adolf Hitler

Abe Lincoln vs Chuck Norris

Einstein vs Stephen Hawking

Sarah Palin vs Lady Gaga

Hulk Hogan vs Kim Jong Il

Gandalf vs Dumbledore

there's a couple more, but these are my favorites
8/4/11 5:50:18AM
I thought Abe Lincoln and Kim Jong Il went pretty hard.
8/4/11 1:44:13PM
LMAO the dude who did Hulk Hogan was effin hilarious!!! I didnt expect him to fully sound like Hulk and all his nuances...
8/4/11 3:39:07PM
My favorite was Vader vs. Hitler. Whoever came up with Hitler's lines should be awared, then shot.