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1/21/09 6:36:35PM
So my epic post thread is gone and don't know why, It was in the padded room, All of the cuss words were bleeped and I followed the Forum rules and can I get an explanation of why it is gone. Cuz it's really getting old having my posts deleted even if I follow the rules. Come on, not even a pm

And I'm pretty sure that it wasn't political lol
1/21/09 6:39:54PM
i was half way through it and i left my house when i came back it wasn't there i was pissed it was funny i wanna know the ending
1/21/09 6:44:05PM
Yeah I just checked the Forum Rules and the Padded Room Code of Conduct and I broke no rules, I'll send it to you via pm If I can find it
1/21/09 6:45:44PM
sweet thanks man
1/21/09 6:57:47PM
A mod or a glich (if that's what it was) deleted my Joe Rogan post a week ago and I got no PM either.
1/21/09 7:18:32PM
The only thing I can think of is the fact that it describes sex with a minor. I can't tell who deleted it or why, though. Maybe they had a good reason and I'm missing it. I'm sure they'll explain if they get time.

On a side note- I hadn't seen it, but after viewing it in the deleted posts section I thought it was hilarious/tragic
1/21/09 8:11:12PM
I did. What Jackelope said. The Padded Room does not mean "No rules", especially when it relates to topics like that.

Just be thankful I didn't ban you.
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