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10/12/07 5:04:34AM
If you were fighting in the UFC....what song would you have going to get you pumped??
10/12/07 12:05:28PM
Pantera - Five Minutes Alone.
Taskforce - March of the beatnicks.
10/12/07 12:24:50PM
Fort Minor- Remember the name
10/12/07 12:36:27PM
The Requiem for a dream score

omg its not Fedor its the Kempo what
10/12/07 12:51:09PM
I'm a little tea pot
10/12/07 1:18:02PM

Posted by TNunley

I'm a little tea pot

lol... Makes me think of Homer coming out to "why can't we be friends" for some reason...
10/12/07 1:23:41PM

Posted by pv3Hpv3p

lol... Makes me think of Homer coming out to "why can't we be friends" for some reason...

10/12/07 1:25:26PM

Posted by nate22

Pantera - Five Minutes Alone.

10/12/07 1:31:40PM
If i'm being serious...

Hatebreed - "I will be heard" would be a good one
or Hatebreed - "Perseverance"

10/12/07 1:37:49PM
Tomoyasu Hotei-"Battle Without Honor Or Humanity"
10/12/07 3:03:24PM
I'd have some sort of entrance gimmick where I come out all carrying a cross for my opponent and I'm wearing black robes and shit. I dunno. Gimmicks = $. Controversial gimmicks = $$$
10/12/07 3:19:49PM
Rage Against The Machine - Killing in the name


Pantera - F#$%ing Hostile!!!!!!!!!!
10/12/07 3:41:32PM
All that Remains- The air that I breathe

10/12/07 3:55:40PM
It would depend on my mood. These are all possibilities

American Dreaming - Dead Can Dance
Atom Bomb - Fluke
Diablo (The Devil Rides out Mix) - The Grid
Navras - Don Davis vs. Juno Reactor
Glorafin - Lisa Gerrard
Injected with a Poison - Praga Khan
The Sinner - Orbital
Barra Barra - Hans Zimmer feat. Rachid Taha
Narayan - The Prodigy
Velvet - DJ Tandu
The Eyes of Truth - Enigma
O Fortuna - Apotheosis
Firestarter (Empirion Mix) - The Prodigy
Something Good - Utah Saints
Rave the Rhythm - Channel X
Confusion (Pump panel reconstruction mix) - New Order
Angel - Massive Attack
Time of Our Lives - Paul van Dyk
Iko Iko - Zap Mama
Juke Joint Jezebel - KMFDM
10/12/07 5:53:32PM
Oh man, I think it would depend on what kind of frame of mind I was in and where I wanted to be, as well.

Hey Man, Nice Shot - Filter
Closer - NIN
After Dark - Tito and Tarantula
Blitzkrieg Bop - Ramones
Raise Hell - Hed (PE)
The Blue - Acid Bath
Seven Nation Army - White Stripes
Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger - Daft Punk
Chainsaw Massacre - Koffin Kats
Send Me On My Way - Rusted Root
Faithless - Buddha Bar
Kiss My Irish Ass - Great Big Sea
Violent and Funky - Infectious Grooves
Everyting Zen - Bush
Voodoo - Godsmack
Hundred Mile High City - Ocean Colour Scene
Comfortably Numb - Scissor Sister
Push It - Static X

10/12/07 6:02:42PM
the ultimate warriors theme song.
10/12/07 6:48:12PM
ive came out to T.I you dont no me once
10/12/07 8:32:45PM
drowning pool---bodies
10/13/07 9:59:00AM
beer by psychostick.......... shit is sooo funny and badass at the same time
10/13/07 4:28:16PM
Somebody's gonna get their head kicked in -The Rezillos
10/24/07 12:22:53PM
I think if Randy fights in another organization his entrance song should be:

Breaking Benjamin - Had Enough

Then he should have the announcer say before the song plays, "This song goes out from Randy Couture to Dana White!"


30-sec. clip of song
10/24/07 4:43:06PM

Posted by Mastodon2

The Requiem for a dream score

omg its not Fedor its the Kempo what

That movie was messed up
10/24/07 8:15:44PM
Shoots and ladders-Korn
The Uppercut-Tupac
Sleep Now In The Fire-Rage against the Machine
Till I Collapse-Eminem
Cant Be Touched-Roy Jones Jr
Get Bucked-Young Buck
Riotmaker-Tech N9ne
How I Could Just Kill A Man-Cypress hill
10/24/07 10:27:13PM
"ring of fire"........Johnny Cash !
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