Entirely new type of spider found in Oregon cave

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8/19/12 10:08:55AM
A group of cave explorers and scientists have made a rare discovery: an entirely new taxonomic family of spider in the caves of southern Oregon.

Only two other spider families (the taxonomic group above both genus and species) have been found since 1990, and this is the first newly discovered, native one uncovered in North America since 1890, said California Academy of Sciences researcher Charles Griswold, lead author of the study that described the species.
So far, the family consists only of the one species described, which the researchers named Trogloraptor marchingtoni. The species is named after Neil Marchington, a member of the Western Cave Conservancy, who first discovered the spider. The genus name, Trogloraptor, means "cave robber."

It's an apt name for a spider with unique hooks, or claws, on its legs, which the researchers believe are used to snatch flying insects, like midges, out of the air. With its legs outstretched, the spider measures up to 3 inches (8 centimeters) long.
"They're biggish," Griswold said. "But when you're in a cave and it's dark and there's only the beam of your head lamp, they look much bigger. It's quite astonishing to see them hanging from a few threads."

Griswold and his colleagues think that the newly discovered spiders hang from the underside of caves on simple webs, waiting to snatch a meal with their astonishing sicklelike legs.


8/19/12 10:09:22AM
Avoid the caves Prophecy!
8/19/12 10:27:12AM
Looks like a mini alien face hugger
8/19/12 10:46:23AM
Nasty looking.
8/19/12 11:10:18AM
Yay a new life form to die from!
8/19/12 12:31:19PM

Posted by prozacnation1978

Looks like a mini alien face hugger

8/19/12 1:22:16PM
I thought they had discovered barking spiders
8/19/12 1:32:05PM
A new type of Spider found in Oregon?

If it's related to a Silva I'm calling this guy to extract it......
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8/19/12 1:44:34PM
they said they dont think its dangerous to humans. with that said, it's welcome to eat all the goddamn bugs that have been hiding in my house trying to escape the heat. next time i'm in Oregon i'll have to pick one up
8/19/12 3:14:28PM
8/19/12 3:58:50PM
Maybe if you let it bite you, it will give you super powers
8/19/12 4:55:44PM

Posted by kopower

Nasty looking.

I kind of regret opening this thread! Kpro, you always find the weirdest shit
8/19/12 5:23:17PM
Looks like a scorpion mated with a spider.
8/19/12 9:02:24PM
Hmm... 3 inches isn't that big...

As far as spiders go, this one doesn't freak me out that much (visually at least). Although if I was in a dark cave with one, I would for sure pee myself.
8/19/12 9:52:55PM

Posted by Kpro

Avoid the caves Prophecy!

no shit, that thing is nasty looking. Kinda looks like the thing that latches onto your face in Alien
8/20/12 2:34:51PM
I thought this was a joke thread and it was going to be a photo shop of anderson standing beside the sign to enter west linn.