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POLL: Was it the most entertaining UFC title bout you have seen?
Yes! 28% (9)
Nahhh 72% (23)
8/8/10 3:02:41AM
Mid round one I was thinking how amazing this fight was, Silva/Sonnen, but I did not want the fight the be a round one beat up win. I would love to see a five round back and fourth battle. And that is what I got! Chael was so active in guard, he had slick take downs and was constantly creating offense. Plus, Anderson's strikes back early in rounds, his elbow early in round four, the exchange in round four, also Chael being able to drop Anderson. Wow! What a fight!

The only title fight that comes close, in terms of five round battle entertainment not a one sided one round beatdown, would be Forrest/Quinton.

8/8/10 9:28:25AM
Hell yeah, Everyone wrote Silva off by the 5th round. I was praying for a triangle but thought he would never get it.

McDojo Blackbelts for the win!
8/8/10 9:52:04AM
i wrote him off after the 4th round started texting friends that he lost, never been more disgusted in my life, it was like watching dolphins get massacred

i couldnt stand to watch but when he slapped on the sub i didnt think chael would tap
8/8/10 1:12:26PM
I jumped up out of my seat, sent the remote flying across the room, picked my friend up out of his chair and jumped around the room with him on my back.

So yes, I'd say it takes the cake.
8/8/10 1:40:37PM
I think it was exciting because Anderson has been so dominate over his other opponents and this was a big change. One of the most entertaining fights if you are a fan of the UFC and the fighters. It was exciting to me but for my friends that didn't follow the UFC it wasn't that exciting. They dug the Roy Nelson/Dos Santos fight more.
8/8/10 2:09:06PM
Nahhh, I think there has been more entertaining.
8/8/10 2:18:52PM
I was on my phone with my dad because he couldn't see the fights, there were 4 mins left in the fight and i said "Youre missing one of the biggest, most dominating performances in UFC history"......then he locked in the triangle, and realized that Sonnens defense isn't good...then it was over... I said, "****, im going to bed, i am disgusted"

Then i broke my remote over my knee and walked away...
8/8/10 3:04:45PM
I'm exhausted from watching this fight, I have no idea how Chael and Anderson feel.
8/8/10 3:09:35PM
Fantastic fight. Sonnen had a great performance, but I was just waiting for the triangle the whole time. Sonnen was sitting WAY too far back in Silva's guard, and was just asking for the triangle. Silva put the trash talker in his place. (Kind of)
8/8/10 10:24:19PM
Gsp-Fitch was very entertaining. Not exactly close however..
8/9/10 10:33:16AM
not the most entertaning but personally for me it was the most intense. My first time betting real cash and I kept on trying to hand over Mr. Franklin to my buddy after round three. He said he didn't want to take the money until the fight was over because it would jinx him. No joke midway throught the last round he took the cash and paid me back double when silva won. I spazzed out more than any other event and my buddy was pissed. We argued about the tap for a good 2 hours. I almost had a heart attack and got $200 out of the deal.
8/9/10 6:23:43PM
the fight as a whole........NAAAAHHHH, but i hit the roof when Silva hit his triangle. As he was setting it up I was yelling to my buddy that he was going to get him in it. Then he did. I had a lot of money on silva to win. i was going completely ape-****!
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