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9/19/07 12:40:31AM
i drink a monster at least once a day.two before i work out,the guys in the gym always tell me how bad they are.Besides some sodium,and caffeine,seems like its chalk full of good stuff.whats the honest truth about these supplement drinks.
9/19/07 12:59:10AM
Drink too many & Work out too much they can cause a major heart attack because of your dramatic increase in heart rate...

Plus all the acids and stuff in it our 10 times as bad as the acids in Soda so thats gotta be messing up your insides!!!!

def. dont drink them after training period because your heart rate is already up and like I already said they will give you a heart attack...

and dont drink them before training either because they cause MAJOR CRAMPS &/OR SIDE STICHES!!!!

They are just as bad as coffee because they wake you up for an hour or 2 but then you crash hard and tend to pass out...
9/19/07 1:13:51AM
I used to drink a red bull before work outs but the sugar got to me and my stomach felt bad during the work out. I've tried the energy drink cocaine just for fun and it burned my mouth, tasted horrible, and didn't really work. Monster is actually the best tasting energy drink I've had but I'm done drinking energy drinks. Once in a while why not but everyday and sometimes twice a day doesn't sound too healthy.
9/19/07 3:21:46AM
i only weight train, i don't spar or grapple but i would steer clear of any energy drinks when going to or coming from the gym. i had a monster once right after a work out and i thought my heart was gonna beat right outta my chest.
since i use NO Xplod and other nitric oxide boosters, which already contain a butt load of caffeine i don't even think about drinking energy drinks beforehand. it just doesn't seem like a smart thing to do.
9/19/07 7:12:53AM
Energy drinks are meh. Caffeine is Ergogenic (increases capacity for physical or mental labour) but all the sugar in these drinks will only add extra fuel to your muscles. You will end up working out, but never expending enough gluscose and glycogen from your muscles to enter the fat burning zone.

I run, skip, do strength conditioning, thai boxing drills and sparring all on the single best thing to take during training; water.
9/19/07 8:22:18AM
sounds like what ive been hearing at the dojo,but id still want some more facts.i dont think anyone's exactly sure,repeating something they heard.
9/19/07 2:38:21PM
I wouldn't touch energy drinks with a 10 foot pole but I'll break down the contents of this particular can for you (see pic) note that each can is two servings

Calories 100

Sugars - 54 grams per can. That is about 13.5 teaspoons of sugar, which is about 200 calories. So all of your calories are coming from pure sugar. This is twice what you would get in a can of Coke Classic

Riboflavin, Niacin, Vit. B6 and B12 - you should be getting these things from a healthy diet anyways.

Sodium 0.36 grams - surprisingly this is not that much sodium. This is about half the sodium you'll find in a tbsp of soy sauce. This is about the same as a can of Coke Classic, which is still high.

The sugar and sodium is almost twice the content of an equivalent volume of Gatorade.

Taurine - 2 grams This is a compound found in many energy drinks. 7 grams a day of Taurine is considered non-GRAS so you ok considering nothing else in your diet is pumping your body filled with taurine. Taurine has not been shown to give energy, but it MAY be linked to decreasing muscle fatigue. The study is here if you want to read it.

U. Warskulat, U. Flogel, C. Jacoby, H.-G. Hartwig, M. Thewissen, M. W. Merx, A. Molojavyi, B. Heller-Stilb, J. Schrader and D. Haussinger (2004). "Taurine transporter knockout depletes muscle taurine levels and results in severe skeletal muscle impairment but leaves cardiac function uncompromised". FASEB J.: 03-0496fje. DOI:10.1096/fj.03-0496fje

Panax Ginseng - 0.4 grams

This was taken from wikipedia

One of Panax ginseng's most common side-effects is the inability to sleep.[11] Other side-effects include nausea, diarrhea, euphoria, headaches, epistaxis, high blood pressure, low blood pressure, mastalgia, and vaginal bleeding

The common adaptogen ginsengs (Panax ginseng and Panax quinquefolia) are generally considered to be relatively safe even in large amounts.

Panax ginseng is not recommended within Chinese Medicine to be administered along with anti-infective herbs unless a person is quite debilitated, because of the fear that the pathogen will be tonified. Herbalists in China believed this and according to Xu Dachun in his brief essay on ginseng (1757 A.D., during the Qing Dynasty): "if one administers Ginseng of a purely supplementing nature, then one will merely supplement the evil influences and help them settle down. In minor cases, the evil influences will, as a result of such mistaken therapy, never leave the body again. In serious cases, death is inevitable

Energy blend (including Caffeine) - 5 grams

I'm not sure how much caffeine is in their blend, but I am sure it is a lot because they list it as a blend and not individually. Caffeine has a half life of 3-4 hours in your body (which means that half of it is metabolozed every 3-4 hours) and is a diuretic (meaning that it makes you urinate, thus lose water).

Read more on caffeine

I am not going to write much more since I have a load of information here, but I will say that taking in that much sugar spikes your insulin levels and not only will you crash afterwards, but it doesn't help your body burn fat.

Basically I stick to either water (for regular workouts) or a 50:50 mixture of water and gatorade for long runs (over 2 hours long).
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9/19/07 3:21:53PM
i dont like them, when it goes away i feel so lazy
9/19/07 3:24:11PM

Posted by loonytnt

i dont like them, when it goes away i feel so lazy

That's your body crashing because your blood insulin levels are so high from the sugar
9/27/07 6:42:39AM
sum guy nearly died from drinkin 7 red bulls
its on the wall at my school
9/27/07 4:32:28PM
GSP has a energy drink he endorses called SPIKE. You have to be 18 to buy it. Of course i had to try it. It made me feel weird, my heart was racing, it was strong stuff.
9/27/07 5:02:25PM
i hate energy drinks