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5/24/07 10:07:43PM
So are the seasons definitely divided into 10-event seasons? This means that this season would end after UFC 72 on June 16th, and the new season would begin with UFC 73 on July 7th. Has anyone seen confirmation of this anywhere on the site?
5/25/07 6:56:07AM
No one has said so specifically, but as you said it's 10 events per season, and that would be 10 events. Unless they say otherwise, I think UFC 72 will be the last event of the "inaugural" season.
5/25/07 12:23:37PM
ya i think the same and then tuf 5 finale should be the 1st event of next season
5/25/07 5:17:13PM
Haha, I think Season One should end right after I slide into the number spot after 72...
5/25/07 5:39:15PM
LOL , what number spot ? you didn't say.
5/26/07 12:34:45AM
I don't think the TUF finales are eligible events...at least it's not listed yet. Probably not eligible because it is not "officially" set until very close to the event, so the odds makers don't have time to weigh in.

But that's just my speculation. I'm not sure if the finale or UFC73 will be the first event of next season. Would be nice if a site official could straighten it out, seeing as though that's two weeks difference.
6/4/07 1:21:37AM
i was also wondering about this. anybody know?
6/4/07 8:30:21AM
Can a MOD please clarify this season confusion?

Im hoping TUF5 finale wil be added as well, we have 2 fights confirmed so far and others will be officially announced in the next few weeks so we will have a few weeks to make picks/wagers with the majority of fights on there and then definately a week with the whole card known
6/4/07 9:42:00PM
Yeah, it would be cool if they atleast added Penn vs. Pulver as a single bout or something.
6/4/07 10:25:22PM
i have sent a email to them befor asking if tuf would be added and they said yes and look in the rules i think it might say something in there also.
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