Ellenberger....ready to step up?

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5/1/11 11:10:45PM
After an impressive win last night, and with four wins in a row is Jake Ellenberger ready to step up tot he top 10 of the weight class? His boxing is very good and he has power all day! There are a lot of interesting match-ups coming up for him in the future. Will he be able to hang?? That is my ? to the playground.
5/1/11 11:21:41PM
I believe he's top 15 but not sure if I think he can beat anyone in the top 10 at this point in his career!!!
5/1/11 11:39:35PM
I wouldn't mind seeing a Condit rematch. Or a fight with the winner of Alves and Story.
5/2/11 12:25:09AM
I think Ellenberger is ready to step up.

Ellenberger's last loss before the Condit fight was to Rick Story, so that would be cool to setup if Story beats Alves.

Cept Ellenberger messed up his hand in the Pierson fight, so might be out a little longer than excepted. I saw a pic on twitter.

I could see potential matchups with Story/Alves winner, Koscheck, Fitch, Foster and others. I think he matches up well with most people.

I say they set up Ellenberger vs Foster
5/2/11 9:07:12AM
Match Ellenberger with anybody in the WW division and I'll gladly watch.

WAR Ellenberger!
5/2/11 9:08:30PM
I would like to see him take on winner of alves/story

Or fight a lytle.
5/3/11 5:28:14AM
Yeah he's definitely on his way up. I say give him thiago alves if he wins against story or the winner of kampmann and howard. maybe even marquardt/johnson winner...there's so many possible fights. great time to be an MMA fan!
5/3/11 5:29:58AM

Posted by prozacnation1978

I would like to see him take on winner of alves/story

Or fight a lytle.

I thought Lytle was about done fighting? Didn't he have that crazy knee surgery where the removed his entire meniscus? I don't have a source but i remember reading something like that a couple weeks ago....
5/3/11 8:55:57PM
either Rory Macdonald or Jake Shields
5/4/11 6:16:46AM

Posted by Aleks_Smash

either Rory Macdonald or Jake Shields

I really like the idea of Rory vs Ellenberger. I think guys like Mike Pyle or Chris Lytle, or maybe even Paulo Thiago would be appropriate for them if they wanted to keep both on separate tracks.
5/4/11 10:02:21AM
Yeah I believe its time to step up against a top 10 fighter. It's time to put him on the map right now so he can be a possible challenger for GSP sooner since the future looks bleak for GSP right now since he wont fight Silva.

I would like to see him against Thiago Alves, Jon Fitch, Diego Sanchez, BJ, Kampman, or Swick in his next fight.
5/4/11 7:15:53PM
Iw would really like to see him fight Diego. It would be nighty night for the Nightma...ooppps.....the Dream!?
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