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2/8/07 1:39:43AM

I didn't not see this one coming. This was smart on Strikefirst part, and it's good for the fans. I think this a big deal.
2/8/07 1:57:36AM
I'll paste it here for you. This is huge. It may even lead to a permanent relationship, which joins both companies fighter rosters. Add the fact that they Strikeforce already has a local fan base and have been the predominant NoCal MMa league and this is good for all MMA fans. Showtim having success would also make it more likely the UFC will remain on HBO.

From Sherdog

Strikeforce and EliteXC Announce Co-Promotion on Showtime
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Wednesday, February 07, 2007
by Sherdog.com Staff

In the aftermath of the struggle over Frank Shamrock (Pictures), Strikeforce and EliteXC announced a "strategic alliance" Wednesday afternoon that opens the door for co-promoted cards featuring Shamrock on Showtime-distributed pay-per-view.

Following Shamrock's fight Feb. 10 versus Renzo Gracie (Pictures) — a bout that was in jeopardy until Strikeforce and EliteXC came to terms late Monday evening — Showtime will broadcast joint Strikeforce/EliteXC cards beginning with an April pay-per-view showdown between Shamrock and Phil Baroni (Pictures).

Showtime, a premium cable network, makes its MMA broadcast debut on Feb. 10 with a five-bout card headlined by Shamrock-Gracie at the DeSoto Civic Center in Southaven, Miss.
2/8/07 9:34:48AM
this is very good news.. maybe shamrock vs baroni WILL actually come around and happen.. good stuff
2/8/07 9:42:28AM
great news, Shamrock/Baroni should be a good one
2/8/07 10:04:53AM
Wicked now Shamrock has those 2 fights lined up for sure. This is actually pretty awesome.
2/8/07 11:09:44AM
And those fights will be on Showtime.... Can't beat that at all!
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